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  1. Mobile_ YeanTM

    Does Drinking 3 cups of fresh milk and no sodas help?

  2. Gayle M.

    Almost didn't make it. I still sore from work out yesterday 😲

  3. Lucius Malfoy

    Why fat is bad?

  4. Sophie Rashid

    Successfully completed the workout Alihamdulilah

  5. hajira rehman

    Forward jump ×14
    Jumping jacks ×30
    Running in place × 40
    Slow burpees ×10
    Walk downs × 10
    Super mans ×10

  6. Jabarjung Singh

    Can I do exercise in period?

  7. a h


  8. Asma Ajmeri

    V..v..useful…al the best

  9. Shailaja B

    How many calories we will burn if we do this exercise pls tell us

  10. Shailaja B

    Robertas please make a effective video on belly fat.. With in 7 days we shud get a beautiful result.. Pls make it… Daily I'm doing ur exercises it's really ossum

  11. Gayatri Vakil

    At first I follow them, and after couple of days becomes lazy to be regular that's the main problem with me.

  12. Md Manzoor

    Hi Roberta, your all workout is very affective . I want to ask you that if I want to loss my weight so can I eat banana and I do your all workout:)Heeba Manzoor from India

  13. Rinku Laikangbam

    Impressive n easy exercise. I like it👍

  14. Razia Ahamad

    Thankue Robert gym.. Love u dear god bless you dear

  15. Mohd Aamir

    Nice first comment

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