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  1. P M

    I am grain-free. But I think that finding 'substitutes' are a poor approach. Just change what you eat, period. Aim for a keto style regime!

  2. angie nichols

    Thank you for mentioning nut allergies.

  3. Darshana Shah

    Please post recepies

  4. Dena

    She reminds me of Jennifer Grey

  5. Breath in to you heart

    You should try real danish or german rye bread. They are better for you than white bread or rye bread toast America style. There should be a danish bakery in NYC and there is one in Danevang California if you live near by. Taste fantastic. Openface sandwiches. ; – )

  6. dragon2195

    Peanut butter isn't good for you. The zucchini is a fruit so theres sugar you don't want.

  7. Aparna Sinha

    That was v v informative! Could you please enumerate all the flours on display

  8. diana diamond

    I'd like to try that Banana Flour. It's something I'd like to use.

  9. MissVasques

    Sweet potatoes yes Nah to the rest. I reccommend bulgur.

    I hear ppl saying they don’t do well on grains/carbohydrates and when describing Why, it is simply a description of actually being full.

    The full where temporarily your stomach isnt flat and excerise straight after is a no-go as it feels like if you do your stomach and bowls would be shaky.
    It’s temporary, like 10–15 min or less and then you feel normal but Not hungry for a couple of hours.

    If I don’t eat anything starchy I’m hungry again a hour later. Or less. Needs to be warm food as well.

    I feel like ppl that dont eat starchy-food Say they feel better without it but in reality they Never feel full and often have spouts of binge-eating things like candy & White bread.
    Their body is shocked and they feel sick and extra tired.

    They proceed to blaim it all on the starch without thinking they actually need Balance aka have it regurally not on rare binge-occasions. And ”better” starchy things.

    Ofc their body get shocked and reacts but it is because their body isnt Used to it by their own doing. It would react similar if you restrain from any ”food group” for a long time and then suddenly binge it.

    As said,If they kept eating it reguarly they would feel better.
    And if they eat starchy things like sweet potatoes and bulgur they would feel full longer and crave candy etc much, much less.

  10. Elaine Marie

    This was excellent, thank you very much.

  11. erica jenny

    Love this channel .Would love to know how these wraps are made.What are the ingredients?

  12. Tina Grace

    Would love those recipes. Where to access?

  13. Brie’s Thoughts

    I smiled when she said she didn't do well on grains. I try to tell people that as much as I love the taste of carbs, I think my body prefers protein and fruit and veggies more.

  14. D H

    I am on the Keto Diet….no flour, no grains, low carbs, no sugar, no bread…I use almond flour and coconut flour….very selective veg and fruits….may not do this diet forever, but I will certainly not be eating as much of the above as I used to. I have lost about 18 pounds in 2 months and it has helped with my Osteo Arthritis in my knees with regard to inflammation.

  15. charleen hopkins

    yea brown rice is still good

  16. ellie e

    I came across your channel about 3 weeks ago but I have to tell you that I love it and will follow every video. Already subscribed too 🙂 thanks for sharing a lot of great information❤️😍

  17. Victoria Ring


  18. Jacquelyn Charlton

    Thank You! This was very informative.

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