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  1. Pulkit Malhotra

    thyroid patient weight loss ke liye le sakte h

  2. sonalika kar

    Please share recipe for increasing haemoglobin in blood

  3. Amrita Negi

    Mam pls reply can I do intermittent fasting while nursing..I always watch ur video

  4. Nikita Tripathi

    Please Share some recipes for navratri …so I can eat some healthy during fasting.

  5. सायली खटके

    चीया seed muze खाणे हाई मगर मुझे टेस्ट अची नाही लागतो मगर एस रेसिपी से mai खा सकाती हुन

  6. सायली खटके

    Tnx mam

  7. Jyoti Maddheshiya

    Basil seed ki recipes v share kijiye mam plzzzzz ….

  8. suvarna Kamble kamble

    Hello mama meri beti 19 year ki hai hostel me hai she eat only chaval aur sambar uska metabolism bohot hai hi so use bhuka lakti hai me use ky deski hu go use peta bhi bhre aur us me saba mily please tell me bena Cook kiy

  9. jyoti choudhary

    Mam ap ki voice change kese ho gyi es video m

  10. Soumya Sangamesh

    Mam plz make a video on how to loose calf fat

  11. shantha sheela

    Hi mam ,I'm breastfeeding mom for 18 month old … Can I have detox chia seed water?

  12. Oza Parul

    Which protein powder is good for age 40

  13. Oza Parul

    Hello mam I'm 40 yrs female I tv started early osteoarthritis n knee pain even at rest ….plz suggest me some food recepi n exercise to relieve pain n loos wait ..plz

  14. Arpita Awasthi

    Pls share chocolate smoothie or shake recipe mam…

  15. Saumya Dahake

    Why can't we use Chia seeds for kids? please help to clear this. I use this in our morning smoothie for the entire family.

  16. Komal Vishnu Singh

    Ma'am chia seed pregnant lady le sakti hai kya

  17. Keerthip Pen

    Please share a video about pelvic floor exercises

  18. Maryam Siddiq

    Ap weight loss deit plan pory din ka btay plzzz

  19. Maryam Siddiq

    Ap calories b btaya kry na

  20. sunakshi bahgla

    Hy! In overnight oats recipie, i used to add medium fat milk and the next morning when i open the jar there is a thick layar of malai on top of it. Is it fine to consume when i am on my weightloss journey?

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