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  1. Shelli Louise

    A good replacement for the Melt palette would be some of the singles from Sydney Grace Cosmetics. They did a dupe and should have the shades listed on insta

  2. Sudha Lsv

    16:56 "oh my gawd, oh my gawd!!" you killed me Kat 🤣😂🤣

  3. Alice In Wonderland

    The shade recluse from lethal cosmetics is a really great dupe to Mochi from Gemini.

  4. Erin Hunter

    Every look you did was beautiful! I was so surprised at the blue!

  5. Nyssa Elise

    I want to know if the white one is pale enough for me lol I wish we could search these in person

  6. Kat luvs Babes in Toyland

    This palette isn't half bad. Infact I kinda like it.
    Love the looks you created with it.
    I would have liked to see one of those terracotta browns switched out for a cool based gold and black.
    The coppers are quite stunning.
    Thanks Kat.
    Luv Kat from New England 🇺🇸.

  7. taiga hilliard

    LOVE the eye look

  8. Phoenix Hunter

    Kat, do you have biba by Natasha denona? I feel it’s her best palette. The warm shades are to die for

  9. Phoenix Hunter

    That palette is so soft and pretty. I’ve been tempted

  10. josy85

    Love that second day look. Very inspiring xx

  11. tracy4jester

    I’m definitely not a Manny MUA fan at all. But when I saw those highlighters I am soooooo tempted! I’ve resisted so far but my love for Sailor Moon is strong

  12. Heather Gustafson

    You realize of course that if I don’t see the cat during your great videos I always feel like somethings missing😻

  13. Girl Ry

    The Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Pallet did the exact same thing to my eyes. I had been searching for a great, neutral face pallet to replace my well-loved, empty, and discontinued The Balm Highlight and Contour pallet and I thought I had found it, but after using the shadows in that Tarte pallet for two days I had to return it bc it BURNED my eyes. I mean sheer misery.
    Probably unfair of me, but it was my first and last experiment with Tarte.
    I still need a good face pallet, should anyone have any suggestions! 🙂

  14. Danielle Knox


  15. Danielle Knox

    When any you tuber smells liquid lipstick or mascara I expect them to move the wand and have a smear above their lip hahah.
    I love manny I’ve said it time and time again he may not be everyone’s cup of tea I just love his personality.

  16. Anya w

    I had to take screenshot of every look you made! This is so inspiring and you are so beautiful 😍

  17. Manuela G

    The teal/orange look was BEAUTIFUL! Gotta try to recreate something like that with the palettes I have. As for the tingles…I don't know that I've experienced the tingle thing, but my eyes DO get super super watery when I put on eye makeup. Almost any… they're watery sometimes without the makeup, but eyeshadow seems to make it worse (at least at the start). Now I'm worried I'm somehow allergic to eyeshadow. I hope not!

  18. KatieDoesWhatever

    It may be from the microfine glitter in the shimmers, especially the white/light highlight shade on the bottom row. I noticed when I used that shade my eyes did the same. Its a very pretty shade but the glitters get everywhere

  19. Jared Maples

    "Watch out Costco!"
    Looking forward to your ABH video

  20. FierceJadeMakeup

    Red lipsticks look gorgeous on you.

  21. Krystal

    The fact that the teal doesn't show up as a teal makes this palette so much more appealing to me. I can't create a look with blues to save my life. 😤 Great video!

  22. Ana-Alicia Claussnitzer

    omg i was just looking at the highlighters today, wondering if they were worth it. thank you so much for this!!!!

  23. Charlize Barron

    Hey Kat ~ great review! Did you see (side note) that Pat McGrath raised the prices of her entire lipstick line? They're now 40$ USD!!! Other than the Hourglass line, do you have a cream/satin lipstick that you prefer over both Hourglass and Pat McGrath ??

  24. Karolyn Anderson

    Yesss! I love the packaging on these, but I'm one of those who was pissed about the uninformed naming (and honestly not a big Manny fan as it is).

  25. Cecilia H.

    I'm always here for these reviews! 🙌🏻

  26. Chelle Beeby

    That pallet has been in my wishlist for a while, just because I loved the look of it, tfs 💜💜💜

  27. mareir

    Thanks for this! I actually really like the Life's a Drag palette, but I haven't gotten any other products by him.

  28. Zuzana Bielcikova

    ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  29. yensid

    Since you're already smitten with Coloured Raine shadows & you lost Goalz from Gemini, I highly recommend Side of Olives which is a single from CR. Before the trend of green palettes I made my own from CR singles. Side of Olives, Golden Olive, Unexpected, Forbidden, Bay Breeze & Squad were the green singles I chose to make a palette to use with Smoke Show & Beauty Rust mini palettes. Next time you put in an order from CR, check out those shades & see if you'd like any of them. I wish CR had swatches for their singles on their website, but all these shadows are gorgeous imo.
    👁↖️ I'm actually wearing a couple of the CR singles in my profile pic 😁

  30. Sabrina Prior

    Haira – pronounce. Wife of Zeus. Calpyso (?) turned Odesyse's (?) men to pigs. Remade into: Oh Brother were art thou? Coen brothers movie with George Clooney!!! Written by Homer!!! Hope that helps!!! Showing off my nerd self. Love the sound track 💖💕💖

  31. Writing Mother Fashionista

    After I saw your video it made me want to pull out my Lifes a Drag palette it only has 2 shimmers so I thought I'd test the itchy eye thing. To my surprise I found mold in both shades!!! 😷 I have pictures if you wamt to see them I can send them. Be very careful with these shimmers. I woyld completely toss the shimmers. My mattes look fine, but now I'm scared to use them. I'll probably toss out entire palette.

  32. PinkyChiChi

    I’m probably the only person who thinks this, but Manny is the worst spokesperson for his brand. His looks seem somehow dated. Pair that with a hairstyle that reminds me of Vincent Price and I’m less likely to buy. Then, I see others use the palettes and I’m interested. He should send out more PR. You also seem much more genuine and professional. You also don’t giggle or tell me that if I don’t like you I should f*ck off or whatever it is he says. 🙄

  33. Marind the librarian

    You created lovely looks, as usual 🙂 I will not be buying the palette, my eyes are too sensitive for everything, but I love the way you choose colours and explain the choices of placement, because I learn so much.

  34. Bronwyn B


  35. Athena Phelps

    Love this eye look.
    Love it on you.

  36. Rebekah

    I always love you shadow reviews .. I like that you go in with an open mind and then form your conclusions over an extended period.. It really gives your subs a great insight into the palette .. this one kinda reminds me of a large colourpop palette ,,, with the only standout being the weakest link lol … but i have to say the only thing that really saves this one is the mustard …great review as always .. I don't support manny or his business savvy (lol) so I wouldn't have bought it anyway .. but it was informative in other ways, that could and will be applied when looking to buy other palettes.

  37. Athena Phelps

    I saw it in Sephora. Was on the bottom shelf and I barely saw it on display.
    Seeing as I am named after a Greek goddess and well versed in Greek mythology I'm always disappointed at the color choices used for each Goddess. But ince you think about Athena and what she did for Odysseus being his guiding light and the light (wisdom) in situations I can see the correlation. I'm in love with this palette. I really enjoy the color story. I want this palette and look forward to purchasing it if it goes on sale.

  38. A.J.

    You are always so thorough and I just love it! 🙌🏼

  39. Tina Ganguly

    Kay can sell ice to ….now I want this palette. 😔

  40. R Alexandra

    Drinking game… take a shot every time Kat says “nice” / “nicely”, lol…
    Love you girl, thank you for the thorough review! 💜

  41. Sher

    I love this series so much! Thank you for such thorough reviews. I like watching them whether I own the palette or not. 💖

  42. skylilly1

    Really love the first look. Thanks for the thorough review!

  43. Ellen M

    Are the highlighters part of the Greek collection? Because they’re named after Roman gods and goddesses, not Greek ones. Not a big deal, just kind of funny.

  44. hijabivet

    I know this is about the palette but I LOVE those blue nails 💙💙💙💙💙💙

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