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  1. Jayci Minjarez

    I love you, Denise. I have used your videos for over 10 years. My mom used to use your vhs tapes lol. You rock! ❤

  2. Maria Hermelinda


  3. Garfit Gar

    Vegetarian 🌱

  4. Garfit Gar

    The best in the world

  5. Garfit Gar

    I’m 60 cpt specialist sports nutrition

  6. Yolanda Lupe

    Denise Austin my exercise guru…my son said" I rember you doing workouts with her on VHS…you still workout with her'.

  7. amal Alalawi


  8. amal Alalawi

    I love your workout classes I used to watch you when I was living in USA

  9. Dania Durand


  10. Marta Kowal

    Denise is a Star😇😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪💪💪

  11. sonia diaz


  12. Dora Pisciotta

    Thiis video very nice thanh you Denise.

  13. Lamarr Love

    Denise Austin is so hot

  14. Marie Brewer

    Great cardio in a short amount of time is what we want!! I can never stay on a treadmill for an hour!Thanks so much!  Ms. M   #fitness   #workout   #cardio

  15. bronysuredoes lovegabriel

    Love it!! thank you!!!

  16. caramel king200000


  17. aquariuswitch

    Love her energy and that her workouts are fun. Thanks befit.

  18. SweetnessnBK

    I luv this lady! Denise thank you so much for the constant encouragement <3

  19. wogahboy wogahboy

    she's 58!!!!!? OMG.

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