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    You refuse to eat a big breakfast. 0:52
    You don't walk in the sunshine. 2:39
    You forget to drink a glass of water after waking up. 3:52
    You don't exercise. 5:13
    You save delicious dishes for lunch or dinner. 6:18
    You read the news in the morning. 7:32
    You underestimate the help of your pets. 8:36

  2. Angelou O.

    i do plunk and squating, every morning but before that i drink 1 glass of water, and my breakfast time is 8:30 am sometimes 9am or 10am, depends on my wake up time! is this ok?

  3. TrEdtion

    I wake up early in the morning and seeing drains me.

  4. Barbara L.H.

    I like to like to lay in bed w/ my miniature schnauzer but I'm often late for places I have to go. good 🌃

  5. Destiny Johnson

    😭😭😭I don’t need to be in the sun any longer though

  6. Machell Henry

    Definitely sleeping in!

  7. Masqueradia

    Say I work a job where most of my active hours are night hours and therefore my meals are not at the same time of day as what you show here. Would these tips still be as effective?

  8. Masqueradia

    Sunlight is also the only way your body makes vitamin D, and darker skinned people take note; you need more sun than pale people to make your vitamin D.

  9. Aisha Hughes

    Not a morning person, don’t go out in the sun, don’t eat much breakfast and don’t get much sleep 😩
    Also adding lemon juice to warm glass of water helps speed up your metabolism and is good for your immune system. Drink a glass when you wake and and before bed.

  10. Doroy Manlosa

    What if you work on a night shift?

  11. Saba Gashi

    I just eat when am hungry and i chose healthily choices

  12. alpha7ization

    You say exercise in the morning is beneficial to cut appetite then you say its beneficial to eat a big breakfast in the morning?

  13. Tobias Lopez muniz

    Hey bright side some of your videos have helped a lot but others are 100% fake
    Not hating my doctor said that

  14. Will TheWise

    tells you to walk in the sun

    England: I’m about to end this whole mans career

  15. Swedish Sheep


  16. Honey Strawberry Apples

    I just had 2 mild wings, 3 pepperoni pizzas & 7 mozzarella sticks.. then I wonder why im not losing weight

  17. gudetatally

    jokes on you, I don't wake up until the afternoon so

  18. Celia Hany

    Bright side : 5: you forget to drink water after waking up
    Me: dad you caught me 😂😂

  19. Xxdeadmonkeyttv 1v1?

    I'm from Edmonton Canada lol

  20. ingfig1

    Eating sweet things in the morning? No way – nit if you are insulin resistant – that leads to insulin rollercoaster for the rest of the day

  21. Sarah Burns

    So does morning also count as a 2am run to the fridge for three cheese sticks and a juice box?

  22. rose quartz

    Oh how i love breakfast


    I love this…let me work on my self now

  24. Robert Bruce

    I wake up before dawn, drink a glass of lukewarm water & stream my favorite music while my cat helps me do stretches!
    …I try to eat a big breakfast with emphasis on protein. I take vitamins, heavy on antioxidants including Vitamin D3, B-Complex, Areds2 (eye health) and Omega 3-6-9 oils.
    …I walk, bike, swim or go the gym daily. I do basic strength exercises but with moderation. I focus on aerobics more.
    ..,my doctor just did an extensive physical. She said my test results and her observations told her I was about 38-42 years of age. I am 68, often mistaken for someone in their 40s.

  25. Mojgan Heidari

    The best solution is to thrive which does not need any of these things

  26. Mojgan Heidari

    Most people eat food even they are not hungry it’s because they get stressed out.

  27. jessica312822

    I learn so much from this channel

  28. Jeremy Nunya

    The news one is huge. I don't keep up with politics especially anymore. My life is so much more peaceful not worrying about the worlds problems. I gotta fix mine first.

  29. Jacob Jones

    16 men 11 women. Age 61. Doesn’t matter what you eat, just the time of the day. You burn the calories out of the stomach now?

  30. :]Gacha Mochi:]presents

    The thumbnail is literally me lol

  31. Adam Henderson

    I sleep in……

  32. Mary Danielle

    Tells people it's better to stick with 3 meals a day and snacks to lose weight and compares it to 6 meals and snacks… ridiculous

    I'll stick to my morning fasts and low carb meals…. im never hungry for snacks…. people eat too much

  33. CHE_KO_ 21

    I live in Finland, here's 1sec of sunlight

  34. Tanya Omer

    Eat breakfast like a king
    Eat lunch like a prince
    Eat dinner like a poor

  35. Toasterinos

    Dont listen to this, the only way to prevent losing weight is high metabolism

  36. Bappy Sarkar

    when morning begins? 🐓

  37. veena

    My pet is my health trainer👍

  38. meep

    lol did anyone else get reminded of freesciencelessons when they heard the music in the background playing :’)

  39. Mummy_Oui Life in UK

    I love water in the morning

  40. 공식Army

    I mean the thumbnail looks legit, but just make the body a bit bigger then it’s legit

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