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  1. Geoffrey Rose

    That is a normal diet.

  2. chru cas

    WARNING! CLICKBAITING! 👎👎👎Showing a fried chicken in the title is Simply nothing else than totally unnecessary CLICKBAITING! Only because of that I gave 👎👎👎

  3. Louise Staats

    Turkey. BAD for gout.

  4. Chessie

    Salmon is no longer healthy. Farmed fish is loaded with chemicals, some illegal. And wild salmon & Fukushima & other pollution? Beans, when sprouted first, are more nutritious & not 'gassy.'

  5. Eivon's Anything on Earth

    Nice video. Hug me

  6. Eivon's Anything on Earth

    I will eat a lot of this foods. Please hit me also guys. Thank you

  7. Mary Ann Texas

    Why the pic of the chicken?

  8. L. Kane

    How about iron rich foods?

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