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  1. Vidya Vlogs in telugu

    Guys go and check versatile vicky diet plans there are damn good and trusted ones, she is simply amazing in provoding the diet plans. I regularly follow her channel and also got the results. She will prepare diet plans for all types of people.

  2. sreshta bolishetty


  3. vaishnavi sudha

    I have used these products around 2 months and I lost 10kgs. I'm suffering with PCOD problem when I consulted Dr.Satish, he suggested me to use these product. Supply6 nutritionist akash helped me a lot by explaining each and everything in detail manner when I'm following the diet.

  4. Kavitha Siddamsetty

    I don't believe in these products… Be aware of such of them

  5. anusha d

    Please don't Encourage this type of products. I personally suffered a lot.

  6. varsha lanka

    Hey sireesha, I'm using this product from past 45 days and I lost 7.3kg there is no side effects. I'm completely satisfied with the product.

  7. Manasa Velidandi

    looking damn pretty sireesha garu

  8. Nagarani Nori

    Yet another promo video….Pl don't ever try this..

  9. Sahithi Prakash

    Hii gorgeous..u luk sooo beautiful today

  10. Deepthi Harsha

    Hi Sireesha Garu, from the past few days checking your videos, your videos are so good.Dont Suggest these kind of products to anyone.They don't help any more.For any individual in order to loose weight they have to start doing exercises and eat more protein having less carbs.And it's not at all suggested thing if they use such products they will lose 7 kgs in 28 days.It leads to many health problems.Just try to motivate by your vedios..like doing more exercises having healthy food.Dont make such videos you can loose weight in short span of time by consuming these products in 28 days.May be as you said in the vedio..if they loose weight 7kgs in 28 days by following this plan which u recommended,what happens after that..if they don't follow this plan.? May be again they will gain weight..

  11. Devi Telugu Vlogs in USA

    nice yellow dress.

  12. Monica Nagathota

    Nenu Ivem use cheyakunda only sugar salt thagginchi week ki 2kgs thaggthuna Akka… Anyway all the best…

  13. Sonia bharat

    Mirela thaggaro kuda share cheyandi

  14. Leelaprasad Gudala

    Akka e wait loss product meal and female avaraena use cyavachuna

  15. divya hemchand

    Akka very nice …. dress but it was not good loose 7 kgs in a month akka highly n safe recommended weight loss is 3-4 kgs akka …

  16. Sujatha Annangi

    Hi sireesha Garu looking beautiful in this dress, where did u buy?

  17. sameeksha b

    Why u r not using akka??

  18. godavari village vlogs

    Sirishgaaru coppo rules option 2, 3, aoption cheesukovali plesae cheppandi meelage appudappudu pillalu kanipistarantey please please

  19. Swetha Nivas

    Siri me dress super dress link pettara please

  20. saritha g

    Pls don’t believe this type of products after stopping you put on double weight …it’s just like Herbalife products…pls don’t encourage this type of products Nd I like whatever you told in weight loss video ..tq

  21. Mamatha Ashok

    Miku e dress super ga vundhi

  22. Jyothika Nagaraju

    Meeku ilanti dresses chala bagunnai maintain this evaru negative comments pettaru

  23. srilakshmi suresh

    Waste products. Promise plz Friends don't use

  24. Soujanya. T666

    Nice dress sis

  25. Sandhya Reddy

    Please Instagram lo message chesanu chudandi please reply mam

  26. Shiny Gosala

    Is there any side affects while using it

  27. Vemula Manisha

    Hi akka e dress mere 2years back diwali shopping lo chupindaru and u r very beautiful in this dress

  28. kavitha vijay

    Iam Kavitha studying in s.v university.you r like BOOK for me.can't explain in single comment .tickets purchase chesi motivational classes vintaru alanti vaalla ki na suggestion.To watch ur vedios.subscribers perigithe enti peragaka pothe enti Akka heart full GA me manchi ni korukune vaallani sampadhinchav. Love you all the time.

  29. naga praveena

    Ivanni doctors ni consult chesi vadali.lekapothe problems ravachu .so be care full.mainly tablets ,protein powder ni khachitham ga doctors ni adagali.

  30. divya eswara

    Wow very use full viedo… And mee dress chaaaaaala chaaala bagundi super gud looking…..

  31. naga praveena

    Dress sooper. Meeku baga set aindi 👌

  32. sai pratibha

    Wow 😍 siree e dress superrrrrrr

  33. divya tirumalasetty

    Dress bagundi

  34. Naga Priyanka

    Nice sis dress super

  35. Bharathi pallem

    Ielati dresses meku chala baga untaaru akka

  36. Bharathi pallem

    Akka super information

  37. godavari village vlogs

    Hsi sirisha gaaru mee dress chaalabaavndi dear

  38. Bilqees Fatima

    Hi sreesha looking beautiful as usual sreesha I comment on your post please reply nice product Sreesha You are right we have to control diet and exercise thank you for suggestions again sreesha me and my children are missing muddu kushal love you 🥰🤗

  39. sowmya balu

    Mee gold jewelry collection video cheyandi pls…………,……………………………………………………………

  40. SWATHI's Kitchen & Vlogs

    Hi akka nice video 👍 dress Chala bagundi

  41. Kavitha Kavitha

    Super dress sis

  42. Swapna Murarishetty

    👗 bagundhe akkada konnaru

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