8 New FENTY BEAUTY Snapshot Shadows-Full Review + Raffle | Maryam Maquillage

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Tested, observed, and inspected Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows in today's #TeamTruth video! Rate the look I created from 1-10 and it sounds good below! Click here!Miracle Moringa Supplement (view mobile)2019 - Updated - New Physical Product On CB! The Only Complete, Tested And Proven Superfood That Supports Overall Health.


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  1. Maryam Maquillage

    Which palette is your fave? Which two would you pair? AND please rate my look 1-10 🙂

  2. Blueyes Jewell

    Hi Maryam, hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I want you to know that I did not up and leave your channel. Ohh gosh where do I start, my husband got a new job and only came home in weekends it was very expensive and lonely. Than my phone went crazy one day with my dad calling. He never calls more than once or leaves a message and I had already talked to him for the month. I know what a tight net family we have never been (sarcastically the truth). I called him back I could barely understand him he was crying said something about your sister passed away. Nora my dads wife took the phone and said my sister had passed away in her sleep. I fell to the floor crying. I leaned a lot in 2019 and that’s that tomorrow is never promised, I’m the oldest and always thought I was the one that would go first. Please tell the ones you love you love them and don’t let anything go unsaid. XO

  3. rosyrosie81

    I was waiting for this review, my favorite are 3 & 5!! 😍

  4. Anshu Gupta

    Hey beautiful ❤️❤️ happy new decade 😆😆 #notificationsquad #instafam #teamtruth 🥰🥰🥰

  5. Usagi Moon.X.O

    Your reviews are what keeps me coming back ❤💜💜

  6. Cherry Lane Monroe

    A 9!!

  7. Olivia

    I LOVE your videos!! Just curious- what brush were you using to brush off fallout? My current brush just ain’t doin it for me 😂

  8. Dannye Huot

    I love the concept very cool l made my choice good job bizou xoxoxoxo de Montreal

  9. Mally Flower

    Love purples so it's a 10 for me! I like the cadet and maybe the smoky neutrals pallette but I do like them all. Great job Fenty!

  10. Cristal Alvarado

    Your look is definitely a 10, especially when you added that periwinkle ! The look you created kind of reminds me some of the colors in the Star Wars palette Pat McGrath just came out with (the gold mini palette with c3po). There was a purple shade in there with like a blue reflect and it totally reminds me of that. Were you able to get ur hands on one of those ?

  11. Cynthias stylemua

    If you like cool tones pls take a close look at Viseart's Cool Mattes 2 and their Bridal Satin palettes. Such pretty cool toned palettes. 💜💜 They have some of the best purples I have ever worn! What is that flat brush that you used for your lid shade? Pretty blue brush. Is it natural haired or synthetic? Cute AF look today! Great concept for shadow palettes! 💜 💜 🎉 🎉 Pretty colors! If the quality is great it is an amazing launch!

  12. Dyah Prawitasari

    The best fenty snap shadows ad 😏

  13. Milcia Lopez

    Lovely and love you

  14. Memo Ruiz

    LOVE the look!! I just started playing around with makeup and your videos have taught and helped me a lot! LOVE Fenty!

  15. Denise Smessaert

    Love your lavender and periwinkle glitz today … GORGEOUS!!! Love you M💖

  16. Miki Tesfay

    Wow Fenty 😍 this eyeshadows are so cool and pretty 😍😍😍

  17. Laura B

    6! 😍

  18. Laura Salcedo

    #4 and #8, The look #10 🙂

  19. babymelon96

    10 outta 10 look!! Def love the swatches of Palette 1, Rose and the Peach tones 😍

  20. Evangelina Yzaguirre

    I never judge a pallet by its swatches

  21. dark0kikio

    I love the idea of the palettes clipping together and being able to personalize my color story!! Love your reviews maryam!!!! 💕💕💕

  22. Yildiz Voyles

    Very pretty

  23. Lynn Hom

    Please review the new Tom Ford eyeshadow palettes.

  24. CindyLou Ijiran

    love, love, love – 6 Smokey… #teamtruth #donotbuyituntilitryit 🙌 lots of love Maryam!!!
    😘😘😘 ofcourse I love the look soo 💯

  25. Stacey Murphy

    The idea is really good, I love the rose colours. 🥰

  26. Victoria Killman

    This is higher then a ten. I'm in love with this look. I think I'm going to grab a few. Thanks for reviewing this. Can you do a review on the new things that UD came out with! Love ya


  27. Janice Streilein

    Would love for you to check out Avon's new Avon x The Face Shop! Awesome make up!

  28. The Small Things Of Life

    Happy New Year! I travel for work a lot and these are great to take with me! Look is a 10/10. Fingers crossed for three videos a week but only if it’s not too much! #teamtruth 💕

  29. Louise Sharpy

    Come on. Rate ? Always a ☑️1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣. Peach and neutral. I forgot the numbers frost with the pinks. Rosy and neutrals. Deep and dark mean it goes on right. So fun. Thanks #TeamTruth love you HAPPY 2020

  30. Martha Ruano

    Definitely a 10!!!! Loved them all but my favorite is 3,6,4 & 7

  31. Karina Duran

    These are such a cool setup!! Definitely something I want to add to my collection! The look is def a 10!! 💜

  32. Ashley Martini

    Happy 2020 Maryam!! I think my favorites is true neutrals, just because i would get a ton of use out of it and its compact for traveling! Also i would pair it with smokey just to intensify a day to night look.

  33. Blueluvah

    Hey Maryam! HNY
    Jus watchin ur vids makes me wish I did vids hahaha really, jus for PR pkgs haha 😉 shameless 🙂

  34. Carolina Cuesta

    Yes, Maryam Fenty always on point I try the number 8 and 4 love it. Great review. Love the look

  35. Microfibers United

    Eyeliner queen! 👸 Can you do a look with n7?

  36. Sabreena Syaharudin

    Omg early to the vid again!!! 💞✌🏻 and also literally was just thinking about whether there would be any new releases on the snap shadows! 😝💙 and YES omg i love your eye look!!

  37. Janee Lytch

    #teamtruth, yess these palette are cute and nice. I like rose and deep neutral. Love the video 💞💞

  38. Jennifer Baird

    I don't need these but ….I do. Fenty you are not helping me with my makeup no buy, lol. I really love the concept of these shadows.

  39. Rebbih Zineb

    Yes ,here as usual

  40. Inaya Niaz

    These are so cool. I need! 😊

  41. Yasmen Maytham


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