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  1. FoodFitness&Fun

    👉6 Home made dairy free milk recipes soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, peanut milk :- https://youtu.be/e36bXPh2dE4
    Here are best cooking oils available in India :- https://youtu.be/RvkI4Xf1py0

  2. Ashutosh Pradhan

    Thanks mam 😊😊

  3. Kajal Sharma

    I m new subscriber

  4. Renuka Roy

    Thanks mam

  5. heena shaikh

    Hii mam ye boil vegetable night mai le sakte h

  6. siva sailaja

    Thank you for your valuable information Manju madam ❤love you ❤

  7. shanavas kamal

    mere pass griller nahi hey madam,is this available in dubai iam in dubai….

  8. Gayathri N

    Thanks madam. Pls make a video on cooking sprouts, lentils, legumes.


    what a informative video……… saluteee mammmm

  10. Rais Fatma

    Vry informative video ma'am, thanks a lot.

  11. Tripti Thaverdasani

    Mam dear pls ek video banaye di pls k hips se weight loss jaldi kaise Kam kare n legs se n thighs plssss plss di mere wedding hai four months baad mje jaldi se jaldi Kam krna hai fatt di plsss ek is me video banao dear

  12. Debashis Barik

    I always feel like ending up wiser after watching your videos! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge

  13. gayathri sri

    What is asparagus?

  14. neelam mani

    Mam please cheat meal per ek video banaye k kis trah utilize kerein

  15. ashwani kumar

    Mam mara question ha dinner ma weight loss k liya vegetable soup peea ja boiled vegetable khaa mam please bataya


    Hi mane ahp ka video dikha hai

  17. surya k

    Hi mam…I like Ur videos and started my IF….can u explain in English which will b more helpful for all of us…

  18. Rajat kochhar

    Hlo Mam
    Raw vegetables juices are helpfull to maintain ph level of ur body. As i hv too much digestion issues, gastric problem so should i not drink raw veg juices as it may more harm my digestion rather than cure it??? Or drink it please rply im in much trouble cz of my digestion issues.

  19. Dipali Shah

    Hello Mem
    Good morning
    I and my family r big fan of you thanks for all tips.
    I want to talk with u could you pls. Give me your mobile number

  20. wonders of Borigumma

    Thank you mam ❤❤❤

  21. Sarbjeet kaur Ganda

    Mam mere arms par body ke comparative fat bahut hai.hip or thigh fat v bahut hai. Jab main diet or exercise se weight loose karne ke kosish karte hun to face kamjor ho jata hai or eyes ke neche dark circles ho jate hai.please koye method bataye ke face v patla na lageya or weight loose jalde ho.

  22. Sarbjeet kaur Ganda

    Very informative video mam.I have lost my weight from 68 kg to 63 kg .Now my weight is stuck on 63 kg.How can I loose my weight?my age is 35 and height is 5feet 2inch.

  23. sowjanya kolaparthi

    Madam all your vedio es are so interesting but it is kind request to post all vedio es purely either in telugu or english speech. Thanks.

  24. Nidhi Sharma

    Really nice thank u very much mam

  25. neet kaur

    Mam i don't like vegetables.i don't like any.so if i eat them, toh who meri body ko lgengi?

  26. R U1965

    I like this video very much , it is very healthy cooking methods.

  27. Tayyaba Naveed

    Sabzian methee bntee Hain. Chatpati bnana sikhain

  28. B Rudragowda

    This is the daughter of B.Rudragouda mam. Please don't get confuse mam.

  29. B Rudragowda

    Mam can u plz guide for me that hw to lose 20 kgs of weight as much as quickly. My height is 5.2 and weight is 70 of 21 yrs old.

  30. Hardeep Bhogal

    Nice video Mam

  31. Sk Zareen

    Hi madam it is a very good topic,tq

  32. poonam chauhan

    Very good information thanks

  33. Ritu Sharma

    Too good mam you are genius

  34. laila nj

    Very nice very useful information I am ur new subscriber mam 🌷

  35. Mrs sapna Sharma

    Mam Please kids ke lunch box recipes share kejiye. Jo kids ke liye healthy ho

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