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  1. Vlog ni Juda

    Will try this. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  2. Evergreen Melodies 4 U

    Great !! All Recipes Are Nice & Healthy Dear !! Thanks For Sharing. GOD Bless You

  3. Montgomery Family Channel Emma

    These are very good smoothies very good👄👄💋💋


    Yummy 🙂 . Thank for share video dear my friend!

  5. Saaz Aur Awaaz

    Good Job My Friend # 154

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  7. Aamina Sakul Ameed

    I love your videos and recipes
    Would you please upload more SOUP recipes for weight loss especially vegetarian

  8. shreyash craft


  9. Benjamin Chavez

    Those smoothies are so yummy. I can already taste them.

  10. uma madeti's kitchen

    Very healthy and delicious smoothie recipes friend 👍

  11. Katastrofa La Cocina

    Healthy and so delicious smoothies, looks amazing and full of flavor, would love to try. Have a wonderful and happy week :))))

  12. Abigail Navarro

    Yummy n healthy thank u for sharing😊👍👍👍

  13. MsArt Garden

    I love smoothies! Especially when the weather is hot. I'll have to try these. 😀 The apple one looks great.

  14. Romantic 4u Songs

    Nys video sister

  15. #138

  16. Shahi Daig

    134 like. sis u r really amazing. ur presentation is really fascinating. all the smoothies r looking super yum. my fav is mango smoothie. a big big like 🙂

  17. Sappys kitchen

    Wonderful smoothies dear👍

  18. Cookie the Cat

    All 8 recipes look very good!

  19. Looks so delicious smoothes 😍😍 Thank you for nice sharing, my dear 💖

  20. Sri Raali

    Hi always useful tips giving…..

  21. Chennai Style Cooking

    Super Yummy Smoothies Recipe ☺️

  22. Rupesh Rai

    Always glad to be here dear

  23. Rupesh Rai

    #126 heart bell respect k sath

  24. TERRY. W

    Love these ..so easy to make..

  25. Useful & Easy

    Very healthy smoothie recipe

  26. Healthy Life

    Very yummy and healthy smoothies. Excellent share and super simple to make. Thanks for sharing! 👍

  27. Hi 113# like wow good cooking dear 👍❤👍❤👍❤😀

  28. cute pictures Amaan Aahil

    Delicious 👌

  29. Amy Crazy Tadka

    So healthy and full of taste lovely dear

  30. Alpana Maushmi

    Wow healthy smoothie

  31. Pete Thomas

    Eight great smoothies 😋👍

  32. Sarla's Diary


  33. Mix life935

    My friend really healthy Recipe thanks for sharing so i love your channel

  34. Federico Borluzzi

    Wow, so good and healthy! 🙂

  35. Easy cooking and tips


  36. Madhu's Magic Creations

    97 lk delicious healthy smoothies💕💕 tfs my frnd

  37. Manohar Lal Channel

    Wow FD good FD

  38. Secret de cuisine

    hello , nice one ,well done, have lovely week end

  39. Billy B

    the smoothie recipes look good and healthy
    👍Au👍like we give & a full watch😲supported🔔

  40. Indian vlogger Anuradha

    Wow amazing healthy smoothie recipes…looks so tempting sis tfs~!!!!

  41. diptichitroda05

    Very nice smithies recipe tysm


    Good video

  43. The Kool Bros

    Those healthy smoothies of yours are really worth trying and would be so refreshing especially in this hot summer not to mention their benefits for weight loss.

  44. NT LifeStyle

    Big like 68 nice video

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