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    No bright lipstick 0:35
    No heavy contouring 1:06
    No heavy eye makeup 1:33
    Makeup should be long-lasting 1:58
    No touch-ups in public 3:01
    No bright nail polish 3:27
    Hair should be styled properly 4:01
    Modesty is the key element 4:46
    Hats used for formal events 5:09
    The royal outfit 5:41
    Bonus: behaving like royalty 7:11

  2. 247Beauty

    Where do they get this BS from?

  3. Aden Shire


  4. Himari uwu

    Severus Snape has greasy hair, and he is the Half-Blood Prince!

  5. Neha Tiwari

    Expect for the last one every other point was wierd. And comparing Meghan to kate, calling one common and other royal is so… didn't expect this from brightside ..guys I used to really like your content but now I am not so sure

  6. a b

    Nice thumbnail

  7. The Beautiful One

    You people are so rude to Meghan.

  8. homulilly akemi

    trying to follow those rules to feel royal like

  9. suriya silk SS

    Royalty is too much…..they take everything for granted….royalty should be destroyed..

  10. Super Samika

    Sounds like school rules…. mostly

  11. Ur-mom-gay

    Ive been following all of these my entire life without knowing😅
    (Except hats)

  12. Murtaza Ehsani

    Markle is a disgrace to the royal family let's just face it she will.never fit in.

  13. Life good till You found around you drama

    I love the rule , it’s make them more beautiful

  14. lazy daisy

    Well, in short
    Why not choose an Abhaya, it's conservative and one doesn't need work on makeup at all 😋

  15. Emmett Thornton

    Megan had more of her own money then Kate when they married the brothers

  16. Mel Dani

    The Bright Side is RACIST, hence the thumbnail.

  17. Mel Dani

    The Bright Side is RACIST, hence the thumbnail.

  18. Mel Dani

    The Bright Side is RACIST, hence the thumbnail.

  19. Eliana Pupo

    I think the problem is not the colour of the skin. The problem is the education that MM had in USA.
    Very d ifferent from KMs.

  20. Shubhangi S

    Thumb down for your thumbnail 👎

  21. Vintage Hippie

    "Visit a hair salon at least several times a MONTH to have your hair professionally cut and colored." Seriously?! That must be an error and suppose to be several times a year. I highly doubt even the royals have their hair cut and colored several times a month.

  22. Mirela miller

    I dont care about the beauty rules from UK. The queen is such icesoul person, i feel sorry for Meghan.

  23. Vanessa Amesty

    Thumbs down for that hateful thumbnail.

  24. Abeer

    Kate is flawless and classy

  25. Unicorn Katt

    Im No Royal But I Do All Of These

  26. extra solar

    im interested in some of the rules they do and will break, in strictly proper style and honestly accurate enthusiastic fashion. for example, to even get between such sections, we would first perhaps consider the duchess' and the princess' quarters then those connecting qualifiers compounded with a number of other instructions deployed by their lovely brunette ladies squads, assuming this is all managed as part of fridays business and does not span across into saturdays schedules

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