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  1. Zarihhhx X

    Ya'll should make a website. It would make it easier to find and follow recipes

  2. Henry Raphaels

    He who has health, have life. Eat lots of greens and stay healthy my friends.

  3. Maria Seibel

    Thank you for the video. You have always good ideas.

  4. Arjun Silaniya

    Please work on weight gain too !

  5. priyulu priya

    Why don't you do weight gain videos. Please, am looking for weight gain actually. Bcoz I love your videos.

  6. Patricia G

    Gracias por las ideas 😋👍

  7. Beatrice washuka

    I discovered your channel, I discovered life.

  8. AyuNuna

    This is good! For diabetes and high blood pressure people who trying to control their food . 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 I love your videos ! 💜

  9. Sam

    Yea , show those white castle ads .👎

  10. martina lazaro

    Wow love your videos…. would like to know were did u get your knife from pls do let me know

  11. kingra PK

    You are so nice God bls you

  12. Marwa Hussien


  13. Ahmad Rahimi

    Perfekt 👌

  14. Tentații culinare

    Great ideas.

  15. Women's Healthy Lifestyles

    Anyone wanna make beef grill? Vote here for "Seriousfitness"

  16. Vedi

    Thank you for the inspiration! Just subscribed 🙂

  17. MzMaverick !

    Love the recipes and nutrition facts.. all except the cod recipe. I can't get behind fish with cheese😖

  18. Poonam smart kitchen

    Very nice

  19. Eva S.

    I never water down stock

  20. Sunita Rawat

    Promise us , after reaching 1M subscribers you'll do a face reveal . Please 🙈 and thanks for the creative ideas of cooking healthy recipes 👌

  21. Hritick Roy

    Make videos on muscle building recipes

  22. F. ZAHARAH

    Amazing recipes

  23. Keka P

    This is def one of the best cooking channels on YouTube! Keep it up 💓

  24. Ak

    I dont normally comment, even if I like the video, I just hit the like button. But U deserve more than a comment for your effort. Ur awesome, keep goin.

  25. Pacificrest Health

    Great video. Love that you include nutrition facts

  26. meri saheli zaika

    Superb Yar…go ahead…

  27. S. Jones

    These recipes serving size is 1.

  28. stacyll

    Still waiting sor pizza :З

  29. stayhappylittle mermaid

    He who has health, has hope and he who has hope, has everything.

  30. skooby830

    Your videos are great and really helpful do you think you could do some dinner meals that in include more fish like salmon and cod

  31. pranav reddy

    Make a video on weight gain ✔️

  32. Mat M


  33. Nope

    Your videos are super helpful, thanks 🙂

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