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  1. Yoshi Wilson

    Hello Nicole,🤗keep up the good work.😊 Don't read or listen to these people. They have nothing much going for in their lives to just pick at you. You people should be ashamed of yourselfs. We speak about bullying are you one of them that stands up if your child gets bullied😯. Yet you turn around and bully others soooooo SAD☹ It's now the holidays, is this the way to act. Have a MERRY 🎄MERRY🎄 BLESSED😇 CHRISTMAS Nicole and each one of you people.

  2. Edward Zamora

    Bruh i think she is bomb and find her sexually attractive.

  3. Q B

    She still looks the same, perhaps I need glasses. 😜


    No matter how much is lost , it’s her story and try saying something positive not derogative. It’s just not that easy to lose weight and if you’ve tried then you personally know and understand that even losing ONE pound is also a step in the right direction. So just keep on heading towards your goal and stay positive and always look up for you are not alone. I’m also trying to lose weight and reach my goal but I realize it didn’t happen overnight and takes time, so push forward with a happy heart. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💜🤗❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👵🏼

  5. Ulrika Hansson

    🐳You look the SAME!!!!!!🐳

  6. Manny Machete

    Seems the same but with bigger boobs

  7. Lola B. Dodson


  8. musiquito2010

    oops ….I don't see it .I really cant se " an incredible " weight loss …ok now if she wants to lose 150 lbs she should dump AZAN !!! lol

  9. annek Herself

    Why naming her by her last name.. everybody knows her for her first name, and all her lack of realizing for herself that Azan never Will get married. Go on and get the Best out of your life

  10. 쿡쿡커플[Cook Cook Couple]

    wow I admire the way I try. He's a great friend. I'll continue to be a cheering fan. I'm a South Korean. Can I be your friend?

  11. Amy Whitcher

    Not trying to be mean but i can't say it's an incredible weight loss. She still looks about the same as the last weight loss photo. She does look better than when on the show and hopefully she will keep her weight loss going.

  12. Lisa Jones

    Boobs enough to feed a village!

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