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  1. Ginan A

    I really need to keep this in mind. It's so important that we take responsibility for our own actions.

    I love your videos and usually put them on in the car during my commute. Keep them coming, please!

  2. mathew

    It’s all far to easy , for us to reel of excuses .. on the flip side I bought something today I would a walked past a few weeks ago : okay i grant you I never cooked it .. but I bought it ! That’s still positive in a sense :
    Asparagus tender stem brocolli kale medley … I don’t even know what that is …or tastes like , chuck some potatoes to it , and let’s take this for a spin , 3.9 g of fat and 2.0g of sugars .. that seems like a no brainier to me .. taste prob be bit of a shock .. but no one said getting healthy be easy

  3. Jackie Fox

    So so true

  4. Tracker 100

    What a really valid point .
    Thank you ☺

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