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  1. Noor ul Huda Niazi

    Honestly I like your feauty flender side better 😂
    And bte you look gorgeous! Love xo

  2. Yourz Only Rylee

    I bought 2 beauty blenders on amazon for 3.69 let’s hope it works😂😂 I’ll come back tmr💓

  3. Moja Sudbina

    There are many ways of checking the quality of a beauty blender apart from usage. Other factors include durability, frugal use of your products, and many more. I have used the blender Puffy Bunny, its not expensive, works perfectly, and its quite durable.

  4. Emma2 Mestas

    Her eyebrows said / /

  5. Ann Broomes

    I use to use fingers and sponge's l guess it doesn't matter it is what it is

  6. Queen Harrison

    Gorgeous Raye, sheesh! 😍😍

  7. cringyhalo

    ah yes after these two years the 99 cent beauty blender has increased by 11 dollars

  8. Zayn Zayn

    Contouring was good wid the beauty blender as compared with the feaudy flender :3
    And the rest was good same

  9. Leela 011

    I just buy mine for 99p from primark 😂 i aint paying £20 for a beauty blender

  10. Mila Cipriano

    No point of comparison beauty blender not only blends quicker but better I tried the 99 cents as well and not only takes triple the time but does not blends smoothly. That’s my opinion , of course the beauty blender it is extremely too expensive for a better dile try the yellow sponge, the technique one

  11. Narinder Kaur

    Make a review about the Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream , pleaseeee

  12. Ms B

    Your voice sounds like Alicia Keys

  13. Official Mj81

    Why does the price of something determine how good it is 🙄😑🤔🧐😶

  14. kjp551

    Letting the make up sit on your face a long time makes it harder to blend out tho. Or is that just me?

  15. Elena Monica

    The Real Technique Beauty blender works even better!

  16. Molebogeng Seshoka

    😂😂😂omg i bought the drugstore one and it looks patchy. I literally had no idea that theres actually a difference. It even put me off make up.

    We dont have the beauty blender in stores here in South Africa but I might just try the real techniques one. Thanks

  17. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

    $20.00?! Wow! That's cheap compared to Canada. In my part Canada 1 beauty blender cost $35.00 before tax with taxes it comes out to a whopping $40.25!

  18. redhead evee

    i love the 99 cent store blenders!!

  19. CarlosAndMichel Alvarado

    If you would like a new idea…I am curious to know if the NEW Copycat Beauty Makeup compare to the Original brands to see if there is a difference. 🙂

  20. Corinne Maynard

    you should try the black one on wish. i just tried it today and i love it. it was small when i got it, but when i added the water it grew to an impressive size. i loved how my makeup looked. its also cheap, it was free or $1 plus i think $1 shipping. ill be getting more

  21. Chirine 213

    Y’a des français ici ?👋🏽

  22. Yu-na

    Unrelated to the vid but damn your facial structure is amazing

  23. V N

    Foundation was so good on your skin loved it

  24. Steph La

    For the fake beauty blender since it's tough I recommend to really soak it for about half hour before use if you want it to be softer. Then over time you won't have to soak it as much because it softens. It worked for me with the sponge I got for $1!

  25. Youtube user

    which 99 cent store did you buy it from?

  26. Alchemical Architect

    With your makeup on you resemble Aaliyah👼

  27. Katie Raison

    I have that equate beauty blender and you were supposed to soak it with water and use it like a real beauty blender .

  28. Stásha

    Girllll I bought some feauty flenders off of Amazon, 20 for $20 (shipped) and they are the best I've ever used!!! I swear they're better than the actual Beauty Blender brand!!! You can use them wet or dry, when wet they grown 2 1/2 to 3 times their original size then shrink back down as they dry!! 💯💯🔥🔥

  29. Lovely Heart

    You need to try Glam and Beauty egg shapes sponge! It comes in like a 24 pack you can get at Walmart and test it against the beauty blender. I got mine on sale. I can’t justify $20 on a sponge either 😂

  30. Lacey Humphrey

    I'm a couple years late to this video but, you can meet in the middle and do 3-5 bucks for the Walmart equate brand blender. They are infused with vitamin e as well. Super soft, grow 3× the dry size when wet, and I think they are great. They also have the minis and you get like 6 of them for 5 bucks.

  31. Samia Williams

    Where did you get the lashes?

  32. Meness

    Wonder how much they payed you for this campaign 🤔

  33. K Ivice

    You look like a Vogue model!

  34. shiva asghary

    so pretty😍

  35. Rachael m

    6:40 😂

  36. Nichel'le Turner

    2:55 is when she finally start using the beauty blender, JESUS !#Talkingwayyytoomuch🙄

  37. Seong Han

    Hey uhm can you compare melao aztec healing clay mask vs the aztec healing clay mask 😁 thank u ❤

  38. Ann Non Nymous

    Beautiful,both sides look the same to me.Thx for the review!

  39. Cavannah

    Go on amazon and get the castle beauty blender for 99 cents it’s softer than the real one and so much better plz try it

  40. dduchess

    For a cheaper beauty blender, Real Techniques is the best!

  41. Tori

    Microwave it and use bar soap to clean it helps

  42. All ab0uT -fl0wErs-

    there is absolutely no reason for a piece of sponge
    to be 20 dollars

  43. Bailey Gray

    That little fake sponge went up by $4.00 no more 99 cent ones.

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