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  1. Michael Anthony

    I feel like Jeff’s sarcasm is 90% of these videos

  2. M.R.W

    Vardon looks great wtheck!! so great, so much love in that family ❤

  3. Skylar Williams

    Why tf is jonah getting hate comments? Like frfr whoever is hating on him, I’ll rock your shit so quick

  4. Evan Go.

    Jonah sucks still keep the hate going

  5. Suchit Vijapur

    Jeff is the real friend of anybody of their friends group the one who cares of others not rather using them in videos for fun and views but the David make his friends for fun and views but jeff your the great human who care of your friend rather not making him look funny for views like David you got to learn from jeff 🙏👍

  6. Rileigh OMG

    I hate how Jonah always complained about how he hated being fat but yet he did nothing to fix it

  7. mavrick murch

    jeff would fuck jonah up not going to lie

  8. SoyHannah777

    Jonah is fucking annoying. Mans needs to appreciate that he has someone thats wants him to bea healthy

  9. Anthony Vargas

    drink Michelob, better than angry orchard

  10. reign 408

    Why dont jonah go on revenge body with I klohe kardashian duh tell stassie or david pull sum strings stop hatin

  11. jessica chhom


  12. Adithi Chandrashekar

    Go and like- ugh its joe’s latest video to see jeff and natalie in a couples halloween costume

  13. Shamoy Simmonds

    This made me cry so hard

  14. Owen Philippe

    Good for them they worked so hard

  15. Eetswa

    “Imma punch you in your fat face” lmao

  16. LillithStein Vlogger

    Shane and Tana who?

  17. Julia Bedard

    That’s great can we shave Jonah’s neck beard now?

  18. Young Prodigy

    every fat person searches for a boyfriend/girlfriend that is the opposite of what themselves look like, Na I’m joking

  19. Joseph Romero

    I just wanna point out when a Hispanic mom says there going to loose weight they stop in less than a week and make up an excuse

  20. Steve Carrell

    dang the dad lost that weight so fast

  21. primtheking 24

    When Jonah was talking shit to him self in the mirror it honestly gave me motivation to change my life style not with weight but with sum other things

  22. desiree fuentes

    It is ok I fat to

  23. forkonastick

    I really hope for Vardans sake you keep an eye of him he’s still young enough to change his lifestyle from the way it’s been molded by his family and it’ll be easier to make it a habit for him, wish him luck

  24. Raylene Pena

    yall are hella fucked up. its not that easy to lose fucking weight. he still lost a good amount. leave him alone. we love u nick

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