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  1. health benefits

    Please suggest some exercises for lower back lipoma pain.. my father is suffering from severe back pain due to back knot or lipoma. Please reply

  2. Helen Collins

    Very helpful. My back hurts when I'm getting my steps in (doing in the 8000s right now, at age 77) and I walk with a cane, so I have a bit of a forward lean.
    You did a video recently for seniors with canes. I find when I straighten up my back hurts.
    So I am going to work on tightening my abdominal muscles and see how it helps.
    Thanks so much.
    Love your videos!

  3. Karen Stevens Boykin

    Tightening your abs. and using leverage is So Good when shoveling dump trailer loads of mulch, lifting 100+ bales of straw and also mopping/vacuuming 20k' in a gym. Learning to switch hands and sides, left to right-right to left, is also good!

  4. Barbara Christie

    I’m having a lower back event for the last few days. The neighbours must be amused watching me slowly painfully bend down to wipe my miniature dachshund behinds before letting them back in the house. Why do I have to have the lowest dog? Definitely will try this !

  5. Shane Good

    Anyone whose pain leaves when you tighten your abs to lift. In my book has super minor pain lol

  6. Bike Life with Rob

    And if you practice shoveling with a Boyah stick you will be amazed at how well you perform shoveling when it’s time!

  7. Maggie May

    I made the same discovery a couple of weeks ago when I was suffering from bursitis in my hip. Tightening the abs when I walked helped a lot with the pain.

  8. kiela17

    🎤 Let's tighten it up now
    Do the tighten up
    Everybody can do it now
    So get to it
    We're gonna tighten up
    Let's do the tighten up
    You can do it now
    So baby, get to it 🎶

  9. Mattmanutube

    I have been using the recommended Thermatex since since I first saw it here. It is absolutely wonderful especially if you have the luxury of being able to use it as soon as you get out of bed.
    Using this with a lumbar support in my recliner has decreased my back related pains to just about nothing.

  10. Brodey Dover

    Hi guys, watch layne Norton’s McGill back rehab video, Stu has a lot of coaching cues when demonstrating the video.

    Stu’s work has got me to pain free a few times already, last week I lifted a transmission out of my car without any extra pain.

  11. jkc

    another thing to try is taking a breath & holding it while getting up from the floor, getting out of bed or just simply putting on shorts. it stabilisers things and spreads the load.

  12. Para//el

    Great tip, I'll try it this winter. Another tip for shoveling snow; I push down with the hand on the end handle to throw the snow versus lifting with the hand that is midway.

  13. Adnan A

    Bracing is essential for powerlifters 💪

  14. cookie 47

    Thanks again, it works

  15. kirstie perry

    Love your videos, informative and friendly

  16. Mike nhgoldprospector

    Brad had Bob switch hands from right to left hand holding the red rod because it would br easier ?

  17. Sleeping Lioness

    1.  I ended up with intercostal myofascia pain from shoveling and am still suffering.  Now it's going to snow next week.  I'll try this technique because I don't know how else I'm going to survive this winter.  2.  I make only half of the bed.  Works great!

  18. Joshua Sommo

    Good info. Strength & Conditioning 101

  19. Sue Sung

    Looking forward to that video. Bed making is for sure a back killer. I find pulling things out of a dryer to be challenging from time to time too. The bending and reaching gets me sometimes.

  20. Tybudz

    thanks Guys

  21. Sean Omight

    Always with in our own opinion of course. But i mean, its the same as every pizza saying we have the number one pizza. Or tvs saying our tv is truly the best despite what other brands may say. Come here for the best chicken. lol.

  22. Cooking Lessons for Dad

    Do tight ab muscles from doing lots of ab exercises contribute to back pain? Any ab stretches you should do after the exercises? I feel like I have some tight ab muscles that could be contributing to my back pain.

  23. Smile Smile

    Why Brad?! 😂
    Bracing is helpful 👏🙏

  24. Lost Soul

    I guess tie pods was a bad idea!

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