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  1. Waseem Khan

    Dr Berg I am suffering from all four of them please help me out,it all started after I got pancreatic attack which was caused bcoz of a worm in my stomach.Please I need your Help and prescription please

  2. Walid cezayir

    So true

  3. Epickittycat Hitt

    Due to this acid reflux disease remedy “gοwοzο raka” (Gοοgle it), I was able to treat my digestive difficulties. If you are at the moment dealing with digestion conditions and chronic acid reflux disorder, you should test this medication also.. .

  4. Ivica Mijatovic

    Sir you just earned subscriber 🙂

  5. Shellie Perreault

    What was the point of this? If the problem is low stomach acid, what causes that and how can we make the body make more? Selling an herbal remedy to solve a symptom is no different from a medical doctor pushing pharmaceuticals. WHY IS MY STOMACH NOT MAKING ENOUGH ACID.

  6. Ramzi Fares

    Hey Dr. Berg, I always suffered from constipation and indigestion especially after eating red meat. I am taking now a few drops of bitters and ginger natural solution with water before lunch twice a week (when my lunch is consisting of red meat) and it is doing its magic. I just want to know your thoughts about that and whether it affects the normal secretion of bile and acid of the body or not. I don't want to be dependent on this solution for the rest of my life I just want it to help my body perform better alone.

  7. Owais Zargar

    Sir, I have this hyperacidity issue from last 10years and am taking PPIs without end, bloating constipation ,bone and muscle weakness, hairloss, am really driven nuts. I tried apple cider vinegar but I feel more pain n burning sensation. What do I do next

  8. VitaminJ7734

    Okay I really need help. I have Gastritis. Acid burns me. Anything with citric acid causes major discomfort…. should I be supplementing acid or reducing it?

  9. Marco / Cyclist

    Do you recommend to drink the gallbladder formula if you have no gallbladder?

  10. Massi Hacini

    Why doctors suggest their patients to take anti acid? Do they really know if they have too much or too little acid ? This question really strikes me. I confronted my doctor on several occasions on this question. The truth is: most doctors tend to help drug firms selling their drugs for billion dollars year.

  11. Massi Hacini

    Thanks doctor for sharing this very educational video ! One question: I would take your approach if you suggested how to naturally reverse the condition.

  12. Napashah Lahat

    Can I do this while pregnant?

  13. Rio grande lily

    Dr. Berg, I have been constipated for 28 years. After giving birth to my son. The mid wives made me drink a whole gallon of prune juice and what a messy birth. I never could use the bathroom again. I am on 10 turkey rhubarb pills a day just to go. I have to sit for three hours and drink large amounts of water till I go. PLease help me.

  14. Eugene Ivanchenko

    I see that apple vinegar is recommended, does dry wine increase acid strength in the stomach?

  15. stewart

    Does anyone else get heart palpitations when you have reflux? I thought I had a heart problem but I started drinking apple cyder vinegar with water and it seems its helping.

  16. Pamela Shinmar

    I wondered why did I have acid reflux . This morning.
    I checked my tight pants and very tight waistline . No wonder I had acid reflux. Two tight around the waist Put pressure on my abdomen and forced acid in the stomach. Those long pants were the culprits And the rubbish dump is where they are heading to.
    Thanks for the video

  17. Ujjwal Karmakar

    May this gentleman live 120 years.

    One major overlooked thing is to not jump on the bed to watch TV just after dinner. Walking slowly ( strolling) for 10 minutes just after each big meal works great for me to relieve from constipation.
    But certainly, the idea of good bacteria and stomach acid, as discussed here by the doctor, is more important.

  18. Ela J.

    I could listen to you all day!!! Finally some answers.. I have Hashimoto and all my life I struggled with digestion, now I am gluten sensitive and suspect other food sensitivities. I get acid reflux even after eating chicken broth. I take various enzymes but they don't help as much as I would hope. I will try your recommendations (I was taking betaine hcl previously but it increased my reflux to unbearable level). The gall bladder tablets might be the answer to stop the acid going back. Thank you x

  19. lovingmariah Gordon

    Hello Dr.Berg should you deficate daily thanks for your response also why do you take the ACV tablets and not in the liquid form?

  20. qrayz

    Something weird, i get sweaty on my nose and cheeks just by thinking about apple cider vinegar.. Can anyone explain it?

  21. D Hoosier


  22. Russell Irwin

    If only I had good health insurance…..I wouldn't be thinking that I was going to die after every Google or you tube video/search

  23. Chetan B

    Will bloating + Indigestion + Constipation + Acid Reflux issue impede the efforts for weight loss?

  24. Zanic Z

    I went to the hospital yesterday for Severe stomach pain but I don’t have a gallbladder anymore when I went to the hospital they couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with me but watching this video I’m sure it’s everything your saying I’m gonna follow your steps dr thank you so much I love this video

  25. 2koolaree

    What about all these symptoms, but chronic diarrhea? The last thing I need is something for constipation!

  26. Gabe Rios

    This has helped me a lot but I noticed the betaine hcl causes me sharp pain and I had to stop taking it, been using apple cider only and it still helps but not as much. Is there any reason the betaine would be causing me pain?

  27. pistachio

    … every patient in the hospital gets antacid everyday just for prophylactic purpose, someone needs to stop this !

  28. pistachio

    Dr. Berg, this video is made for me, thank you so much ! I had to change antacid 3 times within a year! I finally know what’s going on now!

  29. Armen Agaronyan

    Wow. This is the best and informative dr visit ive ever had. Wow ive been hospitalized because of this . Omg i think my stomache is alkaline . This makes absolute perfect sense. They even told me my sphyxter(the valve that doesnt close that lets acid into esophagus) is incompetant meaning not working properly, and i have g.e.r.d. and they prescibed antiacid. Just like the dr. Said. Wow Wow. but failed to let me know that my stomache is not acidic enough.. wow dr ur a life saver.. how can i just donate to ur cause, this information is priceless for me..cant thank you enough.🙏

  30. Marjorie Chagas

    What if you already have gastritis, will these pills work to reverse the damage and symptoms?

  31. blaise Atanga

    I’m looking to buy the apple cider vinegar plus and the Gall bladder formula but could not find the apple cider formula on Amazon. Which website carries the apple cider vinegar plus?

  32. Monica Yeung

    I actually understand this explanation. Good job

  33. Dabigbighommie Solo

    I want to ask so I had bloating after I ate and loss of appetite then had spicy food and drank almost an 8 liter of coke and then alxohol that I don't ever drink but did cause my uncle said try it so on top of that I wasn't feeling then had sex like 3 hours later very uncomfortable waa sweating a lot and waa bending my head a lot it was terrible then for the past 2-3 weeks I had more bbq high fatty meats brisket steaks and also ate 5 boxes of pizza and Chinese food and had more soda I bloated badly so I layed down right after eating and could feel my head pounding then I woke up with excessive belching and sinusitis! The sinusitis went away as I guess I burped all the head pressure away but the stomaxh issue isn't fix I figured the sinusitis was from reflux but the main cause which is the stomach isn't fixed

  34. Stephanie Grillo

    So HOW do you get your stomach acid to produce enough?

  35. Tom Nielsen

    hi dr. Berg
    for how do i have to take the applecider ,before my acid level are in the normale range again.?? and do i then stop or should one take this for the rest of the life or what.??

  36. Oops and Ah haha

    What about if I don’t have my gallbladder

  37. Little Blessings

    Do you take both when you have no gallbladder and how long on these. Maybe just a year?

  38. adam palley

    thank you

  39. lotus

    you are just BRILLIANT

  40. sagar kontam

    Hi sir , please do a video on bile reflux

  41. Rokan Moschus

    Sir, is apple cider vinegar bad for kidney patient and any impact on potassium level?

  42. Govind Singh

    guess you are talking sense as antiacids haven't helped me.

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