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    I've been using weight loss idealiss since because it tracks down what I ate and put them in my notes for my next food intake. It really works, in my honest opinion.

  17. Anastasia Stefania

    Can I expect rapid weight loss when using Acai Berry?

  18. Ninja Gaiden

    So after watching the video, Dr Oz believes the best way to lose weight is with using Acai Berry…I'll need to check with my doctor on that

  19. Justin Phelps

    I highly recommend pure Acai Berry extract because this stuff works!

  20. krecRap

    I love this stuff!! I take Acai Berry extract twice a day and it has made a big difference in my waist line!

  21. Thiago Alexandre

    People always ask me how to lose weight fast since I started taking Acai Berry. I simply tell them to watch the episode of Dr. Oz…

  22. subxporxsub

    I would like to add to the Acai Berry testimonials – I've been using it for 2 months now and my tummy has gone down 2-3 inches!!!

  23. sith lord

    Did Dr oz post any Acai Berry before and after pictures on his show?

  24. Trolplayerds

    I would like to see Acai Berry before and after photos if you have time to post that. Thanks!

  25. Alexis COD

    Actually, Acai Berry extract has been used for many years in other cultures. It's use for losing weight is a fairly new phenomenon in western society.

  26. Антон Беликов

    ANy idea how long it will take to see Acai Berry results? I want to lose 3-4 inches around my gut.

  27. Pa producoes

    I've read numerous Acai Berry review on cnn and msn. Seems like the real deal for weight loss…

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