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  1. Mark C

    Just before I tested making use of this acid reflux disorder cure “gοwοzο raka” (Gοοgle it), I was once a patient of heartburn, acid reflux disorder as well as pain in the chest also. But they are all vanished. Furthermore, I alleviated my consistent tiredness as well as rashes as a result of it. It seems like I`m back to my natural self once more, am feeling healthy and fit.. .

  2. Zach

    The Valve is designed….by whome?

  3. Patricia Antón

    I've been studying top treatment for heartburn and discovered a great resource at Fergs Treatment Crusher (check it out on google)

  4. mandar kumthekar

    What about Shortness of breath? How gerd cause it? I am experiencing it for last month or so and today it is seems like worse episode.

  5. Kashif Ali Khan

    Super video

  6. Kashif Ali Khan

    Nice video Maam

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