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  1. Raj Bssi

    Thanks so much for this advice

  2. ST

    Braggs Vinegar in the am and baking soda and water after lunch. Its a no brainer.

  3. south97north

    Can you do a video about getting sleep while on gear and clen.

  4. ken buck

    Love the videos kai. Keep the info flowing brother. Cheers

  5. 1987jugernaut

    If your in bed lay on your left side not on the right

  6. Chris V. Noire.

    half a teaspoon of baking soda in a quarter class of water….stir well and take as a shot. Burp and you're all good. Its really that simple.

  7. william lugardo

    Can you elaborate on which supplement brands you utilize ?


    How tall are you Kai?

  9. Destination Seekers

    Great video, anavar does this to me a couple times a week

  10. djdjef

    Your mass grew since my last video !

  11. Mike Yob

    Tums HELPS

  12. Pete S

    Shout out to Disturbed

  13. 1101bear1011

    best endurance stack?

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