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  1. Cacille Teacher

    Interesting video. I went to the website though and alarm bells started going off. This guy is a chiropractor. Who is certified in something called Functional Medicine. After reading a bit about it, this part set off some BIG alarms. "I am helping this patient rid his body of toxins and replenish his body with the things it's deficient in." DINGDINGDING We have a Naturopath! This dude IS NOT a gastroenterologist, although he may have a bit of knowledge about specific things if he suffers from it himself, maybe, but sorry, a chiropractor isn't someone I am going to take advice from. Although interesting, I am now thinking my Nexium regimen is actually the right course of action (And it's working for me anyways). Sorry Doc, if you do have some sort of specialization in gastroenterology or something really truly, verifiably, medical, I'll attempt an edit of my comment.

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