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  1. Dr. Kimberly Thompson, DACM, LAc

    AcuGraph is a device that measures electrical skin resistance at the acupuncture points. This tells us if there is EXCESS of DEFICIENT energy in the channel. It has been proven that tonification points resolve deficiency and sedation points resolve excesses. I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and use AcuGraph in my clinic. I find the results very relevant to diagnostics.  ~Kimberly

  2. Sunny Bhavsar

    This Is not the Original method of Pulse Diagnostic.
    According to Original Text of Acupunture Diagnostic. It has to be done with Putting 3 Finger on Pulse ( Cun, Guan, Chi ) 

    How can A Voltage Electrical pen do Diagnostic  ?
    Accugraph Based on Dr.Voll method and its not real diagnose 

    This All device Deliver result but Far from truth. 

    Also other factor create problems in Diagnostic Like..

    Climatic factors, such as relative humidity environment; 

    Presence or absence of the grounding circuit and its value of electrical resistance Can create problem in Accurate Scan

    State of the skin of the patient and the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer

    Density and structure of the fabric of clothing, which patient is wearing (natural or synthetic); 

    The Solution is Now Possible.

    We have develop Acoustic Pressure sensor which is 100 times more sensitive then human finger. Not electrical voltage. / No HRV / No ECG

    The sensor  notice pulse pressure, force, speed, nature of Pulse. And compare the data with original text we fit in software and give diagnostic which is According to original method.

    For More detail on our Diagnostic System
    Please contact us on

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