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  1. Nitin Godbole

    confused about point on wrist

  2. daniel RESTO

    inteligent and very beautifull bless you dear ..

  3. up singh

    One has to press on the inner wrist of both hands or only on the right hand.

  4. Tikuli Dogra

    Works like a charm. Thanks so much. Most of your recommendations work. I'm trying the anemia one too. The points n massage for hair is a winner. Bless you

  5. bhanu pursnani

    I m indigestion issue from last 2 year,I m having motion 4 times in a day,due to which i m loosing weight I,so chnique will help me,plz help me

  6. Cal-monne Joei

    This technique is really helping my indigestion.

  7. Savannah Goldbach

    Thank you! The third point helped me so very much!!

  8. Shahid Parvaiz

    Respected ma'am,Words are too weak to express my gratitude at this moment.Consider me among your servants now onwards.This particular technique has removed my 30 years long and persistent halitosis that had crippled my carrier,My family life and what not.please do share your personal email id or phone no. at spmeer4all@gmail.com,for i would like to share with you my ordeal.you deserve to be called an angel.
    Shahid Parvaiz
    School Teacher in India

  9. Drsaifalhadeathi 2015

    I’m a medical doctor and I was having a terrible epigastric pain after a heavy meal on lunch today and I was holding zantac tabs and ready to take them when i though maybe there is a better solution other than medications .. so I found this video of yours and gave it a try and guess what ! The pain is all gone after 1 min of the first technique .. I’m going to recommend this to my patients in the ER to give it a try before taking the meds .
    Thank you so much .

  10. arun pawar

    Are there some pressure points for laziness.
    Pleassss reply

  11. Roma Chopra

    Mam plz tell points for conceiving

  12. Farida Syed


  13. India Tech Solutions

    mam plz make a video to remove stomach worms by using accupressure

  14. For chronic gastritis. Please

  15. puspanjali biswal

    When we use these points… Before eating or after eating??

  16. puspanjali biswal

    Can I use acupressure points in periods…

  17. Fedrick Rose

    Thank you yasuko shall i do this after every meal?

  18. Susma Rai

    Thankew maam it's really work… lov u….

  19. annu mathew

    Thanks a lot for these tips. I'm five months pregnant and on some days i get bloated so much that it causes stomach pain. Can i safely practice the suggestions in this video?

  20. Lahon Violina

    hello ma'am can I ask u some questions on severe gastric

  21. harry gsp

    i am badly suffering from all above issues with anxiety also , does anxiety happens due to these problems ?
    please let me know if these accupressure really work or not , cozzz i never try any accupressure before .

  22. Puneet Sharma

    your videos are great but the english transcript TEXT that you hv posted on most videos HIDES the real video and you miss out on the visual points

  23. Anne Ace

    Thank You

  24. Day Drifter

    I can not see which side you press thumb on first one.  below thumb ide, below pinkie finger side, or in the middle?  Thanks.

  25. Sol Raat KaBa

    Can you do a video on acupressure points for water retention?

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