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  1. Samantha K

    Wow Ann is super calming

  2. Alex Klatt

    How many treatments before it begins working?

  3. MaryLynn

    Tracy you find the best people!
    I think acupuncture is a great idea.
    Going to look into this for sure.

  4. Royce Rannard

    Hi Tracy, enjoyed the video. I wanted to ask you some questions regarding your treatment.

  5. no narc

    i had acupuncture therapy many years ago for a similar condition. it was amazing. i highly recommend, preferably with a holistic practitioner. A few years ago i went to a chiropractor that just does it in a clinical setting. Was really stressful and didn't work. I think you need the whole experience of a true practitioner.

  6. Debbie Grant

    Thank you Tracy and Ms. Devereux for sharing this. I do have one question, if I may ask, and that is what is the cost of a typical session? I have Hashimoto's and adrenal issues and went on bio-identical hormones 4 years ago. It has been a long, very expensive process what with the labs, meds, office visits, supplements, etc. I do feel better but would like to add acupuncture but feel it is cost prohibitive. Regular massage sessions are not cutting it for me.

  7. Self Coaching Series

    Good idea for narcissistic abuse survivors in their healing process.

  8. Aatikah Carmen happy

    awesome video funny enough this is therpy i use .also i have hijma that realeases the toxics from the blood and it takes 2 days to feel great but its really worth it.

  9. Tracy Malone

    Thank you Ann Devereux! Her Boulder office can be reached at 303-842-2480

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