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  1. Andy patino


  2. Christopher King

    Acupuncture has been officially debunked with the invention of double blind needle tests. Its efficacy is no greater than the placebo effect, but it increases of paralysis, stroke, infection, and death.
    C'mon guys, we think critically in 2019. Join us!

  3. D Jones

    Hi Bob, do you think it would be more accurate to describe this as muscular strain impeding proper nerve conduction rather than pinched nerve? Pinched nerve seems more related to nerve root compression along the spine right? thanks.

  4. Claudette Good

    This back ache guide known as “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it) has treated by back pain. That is really a good deal to me because I have worked with many, a lot of guides and also my back still painful right after each a different one. I didn`t expect my back would be much better. I am wishing this would by final remedy!..

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