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  1. kdoeone

    been driving my wife nuts with this!

  2. Toasty

    My new "fuck song".

  3. Tom Cruise

    Have you heard of Nirvana sliver song I think he was inspired by this song

  4. grasskingdoms

    aye y’all, be sure to follow my page! i made a 10 hour version you can listen to when you sleep!

  5. AfatterMan2

    mommies show some love to Grasskingdoms youtube; this is the original source https://youtu.be/WUsblwLQnvg

  6. Heyden Leekley

    Doctor drew would say I smoke too much weed just because this video is in my history. Irregardless of how many times I've heard it.

  7. Kaitlyn Holland

    This is the one

  8. Austin Swayze

    The dislikes are by disgruntled acupuncturists

  9. deukoue ingrid

    This is the best by FAR!!!

  10. Gunnxorz

    I need a 10 minute remix ASAP

  11. Rylok

    Easily the best remix. Radio worthy!

  12. Relyks _Y


  13. illest mortal

    Bahahahah they would to put this song

  14. Cameron Forde

    This song goes hard

  15. Alex Sanchez

    New pre workout song 😝

  16. Mr. Chesterfield

    For sure way better than "Gonna fuck my butt on the chicken match".

  17. Nic Nac

    The middle beat drop dooeee

  18. Lebron James

    Acupuncturists are shaking right now

  19. FreeMasonMan

    A master piece that is going to be timeless!

  20. MrSoldierboi420

    I wanna hear the one with the circus music

  21. WookedoutLINK

    this should have been uploaded with Tom dancing to it

  22. isaac cutlip

    I love this!!!

  23. Tyler Reid

    FINALLY! Weekend jamz set!

  24. Rapid Reactions

    Instant add to playlist

  25. Wargutz666

    This is a good as getting a fart in a jar. 😬

  26. Christopher Rodriguez

    Now i need a 10hr version so i can drop some E and rave in the dark with glowsticks

  27. PirateDynamics

    if you release all the good songs individually it would almost make up for that horrific scientologist scam artist you had on the show

  28. DaSauceful

    Where is the brianC one

  29. Cody Blaise

    Whoever dislikes is def not in the cool guy club 🤷‍♂️

  30. TCMOrangeJoe 1

    They finally got tired of getting roasted in the comments for not clipping out songs

  31. Cody Blaise

    I've had this stuck in my head for days

  32. I'm So Meta Even This Acronym

    Fuck yeah, now we need Tommy Buns dancing to this

  33. Errick Mccance

    High and tight

  34. Irving Zisman


  35. Dana Horan

    This song seriously gives me the push to stay alive.

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