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  1. Fluffy

    Could you possibly put dots for Sp4 and Ki2. I listened to both points, but would love to have info for you! Thank you

  2. Varinder Khunger

    good exposure

  3. Alison Johns

    the sound is so bad, it's hard to listen to the information.

  4. Pleiadian SpiritSeek

    why does he skip spleen 7? thanks for the videos though these help alot when im trying to locate things.

  5. Sungita kadam

    Thank you so much for such clear videos.

  6. Matthew Stampe

    these videos are great, thanks for sharing. Perfect for us students of acupuncture.

  7. Eric e

    hi. first thank you for sharing knowledge with us. How do I find the spot 44 on the outer side of the leg? 

  8. music6346


  9. Abadjyang

    there is a Chinese saying that goes like this: When the finger points to the moon the imbecile looks at the finger….

  10. jibikao

    The dude was hard while the acupuncturist ran his hand all over his body… lol

  11. akwroclaw

    thank you!

  12. Abadjyang

    Thanks for the comment, and interest:
    The video title is: the important points on the spleen channel, I couldn't make an exhaustive view of all the points. For this I recommand you my reference: Deadman's manual…

  13. Gabriel Renfrow

    where is SP 2 and 5…?

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