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  1. Yorio

    @STUNTS1516 How do you think youtube partners make money?

  2. 5AMM0608

    wats the name of the treatment shown in Karate Kid 2010 where Mr. Han [Jackie Chan] uses flame to cure his marks ???

  3. Gustav Adolf

    sounding sound,

  4. gita pandyan

    hello i m gita from india ,i want to ask that , what is that fire , and how to make that , pls , thanks


    I had these done on me by my parents when I was sick as a child. I was like 5 or 6 years old. They dont hurt they are just weird. lol

  6. STUNTS1516

    anyone else notice that sicne google baught youtube theres a load of annoying ads allover -_-..

  7. Tomomi Tanaka

    Actually, your technique is too slow. That's why you keep loosing the fire. Please practice more.

  8. musicmaven72

    Well done, fellow acupuncturist. Keep it up.

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