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  1. pie app

    Somebody's a mental

  2. soldnotsold

    I was skeptical about acupuncture but I had tried everything else and it worked. My acupuncturiset saif its like letting the body know yo send in the healing calvary (white and red blood cells). After the first treatment I can walk normally without compensating for the pain. He gave me instructions to do certain stretches and after every treatment just walk,  as I normally do. I hope others will benefit after 6 months of Achilles tendinitis on both legs this has been the best I've felt. 

  3. Nik V

    She should have shaved her legs…

  4. Night Nurse

    A physio once used acupuncture on my achilles, though in a different way. She put the needle right into the heart of the soreness. The theory was that while in extreme cases a surgeon cuts into the achilles, and hence the body will begin to heal this cut rigorously (and once the cuts have healed, so supposedly is the inflamed area), by putting a needle into the heart of the soreness, antibodies immediately rush to the area and heal the soreness without having to go under the knife. It worked.

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