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  1. toto rey

    Anyone else has the song stuck in their head? Lol

  2. Hash Haze

    6:43 you guys obviously don't listen to pop-punk

  3. Rich

    Awesome job to everyone, love all the remixes. Here's my contribution to all the mommies – https://youtu.be/vCXDYxOehPE

  4. Jean Mesa

    Omg I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time!!!!!

  5. BiscuitSlayer

    I don’t know where this was found but fuck this was funny like once or twice but it’s done. It’s definitely done, hopefully this doesn’t drag on as long as the intro is.

  6. Owen Jackson

    Can we PLEASE get some “We’re gonna fuck my butt with a chicken match” merch!?! PLEEASSSEE!!!😂😂

  7. Pos Dj

    Watching the mommies jam out to the grass kingdoms remix is my favorite thing in life ❤️❤️

  8. BlissBayBay

    6:43 was the best remix

  9. Mainly Smithey

    Free replays

  10. jacobderry

    Grasskingdom headlining next Coachella

  11. Hunter Hult

    Needles in the front… tiny Asians in the back!

  12. never You mind

    Those Freaking Needles!!

  13. PuntheJewels

    This guy has a great song about his sexual frustration

  14. K W

    How convenient Tom finds this banger after calling out Bert's dancing…

  15. Bill Pleebles

    You legit should’ve let the circus one play out

  16. The Dude

    Grasskingdom song was fucking amazing.

  17. Mr. Chesterfield

    "Gonna fuck my butt in a chicken match…"

  18. FJ The Knight

    1. GrassKingdoms
    2. SeanSison
    3. Fraxo

    "Those freaking neeeeedlessssss"~

  19. SettleDown

    Need the seansison one

  20. Noirling

    Better than Kutiman….

  21. Welt übergang

    3:30 best song (Grasskingdom)

  22. luthierjustin1

    “Gonna fuck my butt and chicken rash…” 🤣

  23. William Sanders

    Does this happen a lot? An unfunny person has a funny persons babies to survive in the industry? Hm…

  24. Karva Kulli

    Yeah were can u find the full songs, spotify please, easily to find, like ymh songlist.

  25. Korben Ferrel

    dudes pupils!?! lay off the meth or adderall!!

  26. Matthew Harvey

    Just saying, I would pay $20 for a compilation album on CD or iTunes of all these songs, machine within and Theo's rap… Just saying.

  27. Logan N.

    I was about to cum to Fraxo’s jam and then Tom cut it before the goddamn drop 😤😤😤

  28. David Baker

    We need the drop to the FRAXO one, god dammit.
    As if Tony cut it out before the drop, the bloody pelican.

  29. Pimp Daddy Smack

    I can't deal with it. His voice, its fucked. Full tik tok. Please more asian guys getting their legs crushed by a reversing car.

  30. PinkelefantZ3

    I fucking hate this phags voice and his ugly eyeballs.

  31. B G

    70 comments and 3 are mine .
    You suck

  32. Callum Wells

    @BrianP & GregC – can we get your full version??

  33. Hunter Hult

    “Those freakin neeeeedles” has been stuck in my head for a couple days now… thanks mommies!

  34. Project 88TTM

    The strangest thing to sing about ever! Some of these remixes I would buy on itunes for sure!

  35. goldbrg74

    Cant wait to hear these on the radio

  36. EDMTML Films

    I know you see my comment on the full episode about posting full songs Blueban. Just imagine the view count breaking!!!

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