Adele | Before and After Conversion | Recent Weight Loss 2020! !! !!

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  1. Shandra9000mail

    Adele should tell Precious her weight loss secret.

  2. RUB1 Tan

    You wanna loose weight ?limit Alcohol, give up sugar , cakes and pastries 🥮 CRISPS , ALL FIZZY DRINKS , Bread 🍞 and go for a Walk 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. rebeka trance

    I liked her for her grasious behaviour. Her body her choice.

  4. freewithnature

    Lifestyle changes that drastic are craziness. I hope she’s doing good 🤘
    Healthy eating and a dedicated workout schedule is perfection.
    Whenever I get discouraged I do it anyways and tell myself I got this shiz.
    I do this challenge when someone on tv drinks something I take a sip of water. Feeling the burn is Thee best.

  5. Pascal Figura

    girl your left arm is about to fall off lol

  6. upnatm2

    People actually QUESTION if she had a nose job?! Are you kidding? OF COURSE she did! Geeeeeesh!

  7. Bobby Gomez

    Your videois way to long

  8. Mariah Martinez

    Whether she’s full figured or smaller, I think she absolutely gorgeous! Her eyes and her lips are so pretty

  9. Attilio Angelone

    I would do her no matter what size she is 😛👅👅

  10. Mariah Martinez

    @Kara I love your shirt!!

  11. Maureen Wagg

    Adele is beautiful. Weight loss just made her healthier. Adele hasn't changed for me. Her voice is still perfection and her attitude is still awesome. I loved her then and I love her now.

  12. Sticks N Stones

    Fat is NOT healthy!
    Fat is NOT beautiful!
    Stop lying to yourselves, make a change!

  13. dale hanbury

    Diet, my arse. She had a gut grabber fitted.

  14. Daniel DWH

    U deserve more clout

  15. hamlai hamlai

    Elle est trop belle même si elle est grosse

  16. Ramon Gardea

    En mi opinión ella siempre ha lucido hermosa, pero que ahora luce más bella es falso, espero que esto llegue a sus oídos. Adele por favor no te esmeres en darle gusto a tus fans, yo admiro tu belleza, si bien estar llenita no es saludable, obsesionarse por adelgazar tampoco lo es, y creeme, te veías más hermosa antes, la lucha por adelgazar se refleja en la cara, luces con más edad, cuidate y quierete a ti misma. God bless you.

  17. grace sento

    Her amazing deep voice lost weight too

  18. Charles Sykes

    She stapled her stomach

  19. IWatchWeirdVideos

    She always looks great but wow congrats on her weight loss as long as she’s healthy

  20. MW S

    Yeah right. You mean a gastric bypass

  21. The1tweezy

    Adele LOOKS great!!!! People don’t understand the dangers of gaining weight….or don’t care. Or just want to die of diabetes but to each is own if they think dieting is a joke. Sad that we as Americans are so use to seeing each other fat and out of shape. Like it’s normal, but it’s really not. Adele proud of you keep it up.

  22. Sam Martinez

    So sad you care more about the appearance than the person.

  23. merry ella

    It turned out that she's Sarah paulson's twin after all

  24. ThisisSarah 81585

    Do one on Ariana Grande

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