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  1. Booxthers

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  4. Se Bastian

    now she looks like her age. she looked much older before.


    I like my Adele thick but u go girl I bet she feels great

  6. Ordella May

    She looks like katty perry when she get skinny

  7. Thanos' Chin

    She looks good, but I like her fluffier. Slimmer Adele be looking a lil like Sarah Paulson.

  8. Rim l'ange

    A big transformation adele congratulation 👏
    I wana loss 60 pounds like her 😢

  9. Alaa Khattab

    She has always been beautiful. She and Emily Blunt look like twins

  10. XFINITY WiFi

    Adele has such a beautiful face and an even more beautiful voice

  11. The Last Honk

    Fat Celebrity: "Yeah I'm fat, and I dont care. You have to love yourself."
    Fat Celebrity a few years later after becoming famous: loses 100lbs

  12. Status Factory

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  13. Henry Vang

    Nice now you skinny and looking for bbc right away

  14. Estephany Rios


  15. Jenny Del Rey

    God leave her alone

  16. Jody Carrigan

    Why wait till you are single to lose weight? I never understood that.

  17. Front Runner

    …but can she now still carry all those notes?!

  18. Brandon Fix

    maybe she went to the all baby diet

  19. Brandon Fix

    wonder what kinda coke she uses

  20. rugby3230

    This is so so stupid. This is not news.

  21. Elephant Trunk

    Adele kind of looks like Katie Perry in the face


    Too much of McDonald's large fries.

  23. Matthew Madruga

    Nobody cares, didn;t even know she was fat, but what this shows is she doesn’t know how to put on makeup.

  24. White Noise

    That male host sits like a woman…

  25. Keith N

    In all honesty Adele has been gorgeous since day one

  26. Andrew Salerno

    Not sure why this is news.

  27. Kris Uy

    for a min I thought Slim Figure was a new song😂😂

  28. for whom the bell tolls

    Adele you what she looks hot!!!

  29. Baby Lucia

    So sad to see her lose her own unique feature which make her stand out from all those Hollywood stereotypes skinny singers ,I get used to see how the way she looks like before .she just make her looks like the same as other cheesy female singer nowadays ,why didn’t she stick to the way she was ,she supposed to be happy bout what she have lol ,it’s just all disappointing

  30. Gizmo Athletic Shop

    Great content, good for her!!!
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  31. David Mason

    Living get best life.. god I hate people

  32. Michael Previs

    Just like with Alison Moyet people need to quit obsessing over her weight and switch all that talk to the richness of her voice.
    Just shut up and listen

  33. Samsun O.O

    Thats! Hollywood….only a matter of time before they put you down to get in line to make them more money.

  34. Gerald Spessard

    Correction, slimmer figure.

  35. Ruby King

    She's still fat, don't call me again till she loses 40 more

  36. Ronald Funderburk

    Rapper you better not hurt Adele or we=e going to have a problem thats my girl love her

  37. Envd1

    So pretty and talented.

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