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  1. Becky Brown

    Hi Tallulah! I enjoy your videos. Could you do a reading on Monsta X and especially on Wonho? Other tarot readers are saying we’ll start seeing him in January and he’ll be back with the group in February in time for the release of their english album. How does 2020 look for the group? Thanks!

  2. Melissa Gerber

    I remember a story in a rag paper, about Dolly Parton, when she lost weight,in the ‘80s. It said that,when she went home for Christmas, her daddy met her at the door, and said that her mama had taken to her bed, with worry. She was afraid that Dolly had that anorexia nervosa.
    Dolly said, “ I went to the bedroom, and said I was hungry, and could she cook me something.
    She * jumped* out of that bed,and went to the kitchen.
    That whole week, all she did was cook, and, all I did was eat.”
    I don’t know if that story was true,but, it illustrates the idea that your can’t win.”

  3. Tarot's Apprentice

    they cant win. there is a song by brittany spears and the line in the song says. "shes too big, now shes too thin"

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