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  1. Fathima Begum

    Pls mension rate of pad

  2. Tanzeela Farose

    Sir mujhe disc hai lower back Mei aur mere dono knees Mei problem hai .. swelling hai sir aur Meri age 29 hai .. please help me

  3. Ramandeep kapil

    Sir, also make video for vmo and quad stimulation at home with electric tens machine for patellofemoral syndrome

  4. Babita Wasil

    Very nice video 👌

  5. Zubedha Parveen

    This is a good heating pad I want to ask you one thing is there different sizes in this pad and how much it's cost thanks

  6. Saba Khan

    Very Weldon sir


    Sir Heal pain ka liya koi vidio phale ha kya

  8. basheer kazi

    Thanku so much sir …..
    for making this type videos…..

  9. Anurag Singh

    Nice video sir

  10. Rajinder Thakur

    How to use in stiffed ankle sir .

  11. Kaumudi K

    Useful information sir thank-you.

  12. Pramila Fernandes

    Can I use this during disc annular tear with prostution. Does this will help me to reduce my back pain and also cure myself from this problem.?

  13. Wasif Sahil

    U r the best physiotherapist …

  14. Wasif Sahil

    God bless u sir

  15. Param Rathi

    Osmm video

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