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  1. Vusie Mdziniso

    Why ppl if anyone lose weight or gain. let ppl live their personal life without anyone snooping their nose. I really don't understand the thing called human being, if life is good you talk and say they have joined spirits if is bad their sick or dying. You know animal are far better than us not even one points another instead they have to accept the way they are and appreciate another.

  2. AP Ngcongo

    People need to let other people live their lives in peace

  3. JoziTube

    Ahhh it depends how you lose weight, lots of people have lost weight but there were no stories there eg UNATHI. It serves MANCIPHA RIGHT after he said people must have sex without condom so kumele sicabange ini vele? Plus neziqhomo zivele zacija njengetshe

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