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  1. LOL You

    I didn’t know whales do Brazilian waxing and put on makeup? (No disrespect to whales)

  2. Le Parvenu

    This doesn't surprise me one bit. Seen this coming from miles away. That being said I think this mutherfuKKKin punk scam artist needs a punch in the face. FuKKKin gross.

  3. Cheyenne Hummingbird

    On Geeez, quit whining and wax himher already, or send himher to my salon, my 325 lb, 6 ft 7 in Hells Angel, excon, exhusband would love to give himher a waxing of all waxings!!

  4. GuacamoleKun

    2:09 *cheers*!!

  5. luv3daysgrace1

    They are just paving the way for the hermaphrodite antichrist. It’s in masonic baphomet symbolism. Trying to condition us to accept this bullshit. Not sure most politicians, hollywood actors & nobility haven’t already been changed. Sick world.

  6. Alexa Doodles

    1:33 We need more of these guys

  7. Ash Woodworth

    Keep following your pedophile president Trump, and binge watch your fcking Ben Shapiro your dirty snowflakes!

  8. Ash Woodworth

    UnUnited states of Islam.

  9. Escape the Matrix

    (((Bolshevism))) rising.

  10. Escape the Matrix

    Send that mentally-ill pervert down to me. I'll "wax" his balls, but he won't like it!!

  11. Escape the Matrix

    "Play with my balls or pay me!"


    I would have agreed to shave "IT'S" genital area but I will not be held responsible for vomiting all over that things pelvic area.

  13. Mr. Elastomeric1

    I'd a Blow torched his haiir nuts an all his pubes

  14. Pauly b blaze

    they NEED TO REOPEN THIS IS Bullshit for the woman who work there and the lady who had her business ruined

    MEN Can't be woman and when transwoman force this idea on NATURAL WOMAN to be treated the same is BULL

  15. DurdyClaude

    He is a pervert who wants pool-parties with kids…and parents are NOT allowed to attend…he also has a tampon-fetish..he hangs out in womens bathrooms and change rooms with his phone…he takes pictures of children…he should be locked up for child luring..

  16. Tobi Lerone

    Yaniv is a sexual predator like Weinstein and Epstein

  17. Steve Williams

    Better title- "Beauty salon forced to close after refusing to service man."

  18. yeshaya24

    RT going down the drain ….

  19. zygmunt zielinski

    I remember my Sunday School lessons of the evil cities of Sodom and Gomorrah , destroyed by God's fire and brimstone. Christians seemed to have forgotten these lessons.

  20. HopeHasNoPlaceHere AbandonAllYeWhoEnter

    I've done it….I'd pour 2000° hot wax all over that nasty transvestite hooker!!!

  21. nat lee

    He is probably just looking for attention,and money.I strongly believe the gay community needs to drop the T,as they have very different issues.

  22. Douglas Helliwell

    This garbage has to stop, the lbgtqstuvwxy pissing z

  23. Glenda Terry

    God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

  24. Edem Americain

    Is not good To be gay

  25. Ben Drinkin

    John Yaniv's actions are utterly abhorrent.

  26. Jeannie Pike

    it just so mixup and need to be put right about now life works . it look for money and make thing bad for the rest of you great going man. it not a woman it a thing or it

  27. Günther Lehmann

    I think that Saudi Arabia has good gender laws for this.

  28. Zerebrat Eightyseven

    trans people have a major mental disorder and dont belong in the free world
    call me racist or whatever , but they will never be females , genetics say they are male and thats it

  29. vulo vulo

    it is now a human right to force someone else to serve you.
    of course i would go legally against the freak. prices for services can be different for different genders. my price list would include them freaks but at a 200x cost. and i'd gladly justify that with a dose of sarcasm.

  30. Nestor Gonzalez

    A bad actor calling someone else a bad actor. From what i can tell that predator needs to be in jail, zero tolerance for pedophiles, second why do i get the feeling the guy on RT is a pedophile too?

  31. Ilona O

    We hv really become fkd up!
    Women are from Venus n Men are from Mars..
    The rest are from Uranus.

  32. koskafe

    Propaganda channel and very unprofessional…focusing on the complainee instead of the juridicial court that made this stupidity happen,
    Quoting some anonymus comments about this troubled fellow what are we here kindergarden????

  33. S Ali

    But that isn’t a woman it’s still a man

  34. Junior

    his to fat to do it himself

  35. Victoria A Beeching

    RT are getting as bad as the rest of fake news – "Jessica" is actually a man, he is not trans, he just happens to like dressing up in women's clothes, and he doesn't have a bikini line because he has male genitals. It was his balls that he wanted these women to wax.

  36. Jack Brown

    He's a MAN!!

  37. craggey91

    When this makes the news you know there is societal rot

  38. Mr Robot

    HAIL SATAN…lolololol..

  39. ginbelg1

    In Canada, calling a trans woman a 'biological' man is hate speech

    All the people calling him a predator are hypocrites

    I think everyone are missing the point, according to Canadian law he is in the right, and the women who refused him committed a crime.

    That is a FACT, those laws were made exactly for this kind of situation, if he says he's a woman, than he's a woman, and by law must be treated as such.

    You don't really expect people not taking advantage of laws that benefit them do you?

  40. westmc45

    she needs to go to where water buffaloes get waxed LGBTFUCKYOU how is that you mental duds

  41. Ali Khadour

    You can’t not laugh when you see that head 😅


    Thanks Bruce Jenner!! This is all your fault sir!

  43. EL DON

    He is a mentally ill man.

  44. Without Prejudice

    Give me the lawn-more – Trudeau whats that family's pronouns

  45. Eduardo Rivera

    More Zionists tricks of dividing.

  46. iosif

    Looks like troll

  47. Just an Albertan

    yes us Canadians are having our rights wiped out by the day…..

  48. Rene R.

    How can you say they are transgender, and normal? Really? Explain please.

  49. First Last

    Canadian laws are seriously messed up.

  50. Astorrian

    At 68 years of age I am now questioning this 'new reality' we are living. First I was disbelieving of all these new groups in society springing up everywhere – I didn't know what LBGT was, I didn't know what was meant by Social Justice Warriors – even all this nonsense about far right and far left. Then I was angry and fearful of this new paradigm we seem to be drifting into – what side to pick? who is right? Why is this happening?
    However, lately I am beginning to see things very differently and this video has helped to clear the fog. We are ALL BEING PLAYED, ALL BEING TRIGGERED – the one thing we all have in common is that we are not the 1per cent, we are ordinary people just trying to have a good, honest, peaceful life BUT that is not being allowed, that game is not been played anymore…why? They have changed the rules!!
    The little people (I believe we are sometimes referred to as "the eaters", yes I know) have had their day in the sun now its time to take the reins of power back and 'control' is the order of the day. DIVIDE & CONQUER is the way to weaken society, so legitimate social groups were being given a voice, then infiltrated and poisoned by a few to provoke a 'reaction' from another group. We are implicit in our own demise because we are full of fear and ego and quick to take offence and 'pick a side'.
    If we don't wake up its our children who will bear the cost of our stupidity. The more we hate on each other, the weaker we become!! Think about it at the very least. I try now very hard not to be triggered to make a negative comment because then I am part of the problem. Don't play into their hands – do your research before you 'pick a side'.

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