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  1. platzendehutschnur

    I have the beauty glow palette and really love the textures. but using the cheek colors is so inconvenient because the pans are so small.

  2. Kat C

    Botox??? wth, that is so rude … I think you are a very handsome man and you do not look old … u have very nice skin too

  3. Teri Havlik

    My fav. Color palette for my eyes.

  4. Love4Life1

    I was just looking at small eye shadow palettes yesterday. Synchronicity abounds! Thank you. All love to you sweet soul.

  5. Margaret Dell

    Thanks for your demonstration…..now if I could only afford this product.

  6. Johanna Verplank

    How about we try to be civilized as a human race and all live by “don’t say anything to anyone else you wouldn’t want someone to say to you”, and let’s not make any comments that we wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to someone’s face. Can we all do that please? It’s unbelievable to me that anyone would tell a person they don’t know who is trying to helps us out by reviewing products that they need friggin Botox. I’m disgusted. Ugh. Anyway Wayne it doesn’t matter because you’re so lovely and give amazing reviews. And you happen to look amazing which is great but it shouldn’t matter. Thanks for the review 😁

  7. Porcelain1

    Oh, I heard that!
    Since age 17 I've been going white.
    Have to re-touch roots every 3 weeks. If the white was pretty that would be one thing.
    It's coarse, dry, and unruly.
    People say, why don't you just let it go?
    I want to say {but don't, } Why don't you just let YOURSELF go?

  8. Kathy Pridham

    Wayne I just love you. I been thinking to spend the money on luminess system. Love to hear your thoughts on that?

  9. Mido1622

    Christmas wish list!!

  10. Alexandria M

    The only people that can comment on getting Botox/plastic surgery/fillers are the ones paying for the procedure! I’m asking for this palette for Christmas, it’s so stunning and the packaging is amazing!

  11. Chelle Copley 67

    ugh people can just be douchebags! Mind your own! Rude AF and apparently their Mother's didn't teach them manners.

  12. 아이린엄마투유Irenemom45toyou

    really appreciate your reviewing video ❤️❤️😍 hope to apply this beautiful palette ❤️❤️

  13. Pam Hopkins

    Omg that's $75 here in the us guess I wont be purchasing that

  14. Karen Wood

    I love your frankness and your honesty. Such a pleasure to watch. You have made makeup fu. For me again. Thank you. Much love from Tucson AZ

  15. Justyna Szyszka-Pałacha

    The bronzer looks very Orange? How does it compare to the regular bronzer from her bronze and glow duo

  16. Kellie Hatto

    Palettes are sold out! I can’t find anywhere. ☹️

  17. Taylor Mitchelll

    You look better everyday and i only trust your opinion because your doing for the love of makeup and not money your so truthful in the most genuine way love you wayne 👌🏼

  18. BlackThornRose127

    This palette is stunning I love brownish burgundy shades for my green eyes, and this palette would be so convenient. Obviously you can’t fit a regular blush brush into those pans but that’s not a deal breaker for me. I’m just not sure how I feel about the highlighter. It has that background shade when it’s out of the light. I don’t know if it’s just where and how it was applied, or if it’s too dark for lighter skin tones which doesn’t look like in the pan or even in their website video.🤔

  19. Rosa María Vélez

    Ok Mr. Goss I was trying to avoid this palette. Now I’m gonna make a purchase because I can’t skip something you recommend, especially when it’s from Charlotte or Tom Ford. Love you though you make me spent my money and forget about my obligations. BTW I received today the anniversary set and I’m so happy. I’ve been wanting it since it was first released. 💗

  20. Katerina Huskova

    Lovely pallet. But…if a miracle happens, the Charlotte Tilbury products may be available here in the CZ by the end of 2030 😂 Maybe.
    Anyway I love the statement "Maybe you should mind your own business" 👏👍
    Greetings from the CZ 🍂

  21. Patricia Rivas

    You have converted me to Charlotte’s products. Her lipsticks are so wonderful and don’t bleed on me! Happy!

  22. Mary Thurlow

    You look fabulous!

  23. Plantbased Sim

    You dont need botox, you look great!

  24. Natty Grasserbauer

    I got this palette yesterday and I gotta say it's really great! Even though mine came with a disarrangement of the shade 1 ( what a bummer ! ) . Today I'm gonna try this palette again just to test its longevity.

  25. Miss toots

    Wayne likes it = I buy it the same day 😊

  26. Lynda Peeler

    I adore you and your videos! I love your personality! Don't stop being you! They are very informational and thank you for the chuckles 💜

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