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  1. Tozias Silverfang

    Thumbs up and an additional comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the video! 👍

  2. dgeorge852

    Just so people know,
    Pantoprazole and Zantac are not the same thing.

  3. Naya Siomou

    I was perscribed Zantac to take before and after Chemo for for over a year!!!

  4. Toni Gru

    Oh shit I may call my urologist. Not sure if they looked for cancer. I've been having problems over the past year and I took zantac on the regular as a kid :O

  5. Jaime Chavez

    That shit gave me Pancreatitis

  6. MissMuffet

    omeprazole tooo????

  7. tombell12

    Whaddya know, Big Pharma creating more problems that they & the healthcare industry can profit from!

  8. 7UP YOURS

    This being discontinued is really bad for people with diseases like MCAS/MCAD (Mast Cell Activation Syndrom) Zantac has been a life changer for them.

  9. Jonathan C.

    They'll jsut take it off the market, re brand it for some other illness like depression, and keep selling it. It's all about the money. Why let a finished product go to waste?

  10. Gary Bonacci

    @2:02 Valisure is the company that is emphasizing that this is NOT a contamination issue with Zantac; rather, Zantac is INHERENTLY a strong potential cancer-causing agent when mixed with certain foods in our stomachs. In other words, the cancer issue gets amplified when Zantac is consumed with nitrate that circulates in your body. The FDA is not admitting the situation is as bad as it is. https://peterattiamd.com/davidlight/

  11. Dank Memes

    MDMA 🙂

  12. MC Bruin

    I just read that in the Netherlands they had an recall action on 10-4 off ranitidine and Zantac because off the high concentration off NDMA

  13. inkblot131

    I don't care which drug is found to be deadly, there are certainties you can count on; your doc will be the last to hear about, will tell you not worry, and keep taking it. In addition, IF there's a 'settlement' it won't cost the drug dealers one red cent of profits because anything they do have to shell out will come from only a fraction of the interest they've earned on the original blood money.

  14. John Smith

    How much did the drug company make on Zantac? That's the amount they need to be fined…wighout deducting development expenses.

  15. John Smith

    Shouldn't that be " Zantac cancer cover up discovered covered up"

  16. Keith Wood

    Give up Zantac or give up bacon, bye, bye Zantac…

  17. The Villain

    You might as well just live your life because you can just get cancer if you even understand how it works.

  18. David Charles Fisher

    Interesting how all these drugs, after the pharmaceutical companies made billions of dollars off of them but suddenly, after they’ve gone generic, half of them are being recalled because, surprise! Now the FDA is recalling these generics for all these potential cancers and other serious illnesses.

  19. C. S. G

    Whats fucked up is… I take the generic version of zantac…and my DR hasn't even called me about coming in to get a different scrip… Wtf!

  20. thebatmanover9000

    So… I am not supposed to shit blood after taking one of those pills?

  21. Jim Jeffcoat

    Stick with PPI's over H2 blockers.

  22. Idylchatter

    Heartburn meds are for people who didn't read their operators manual. https://youtu.be/nEfN-PoNoRQ

  23. J Hill

    The U.S. FDA is usually headed up by someone from the pharmaceutical industry.

  24. Peorhum

    I take Pantoprazole which is safer from what I understand. I have to take it or have a greater risk of damaging my throat and lungs and getting cancer so talk to your doctor. I failed to speak to my doctor and my heartburn/reflux got so bad that I now have Barrett's esophagus and asthma. So be sure to talk to your doctor, as I regret not doing so when I was younger!!!!

  25. Nancy Dolman

    I've taken zantac, but fortunately only for a couple of months before they didn't work for me any more so I went back to omeprazole.

  26. Peter Hockley

    I've been taking Zantac for the last thirty eight years.😐

  27. Joe Gillian

    Are you kidding me? Does this apply only to Zantac or generic ranitidine?

  28. Jorge Martinez

    AHHH Farron workin America's Lawyer…………nice!

  29. Galina

    Sue the pants off of doctors that prescribed this Zantac crap !!! And sue the company and bankrupt it.

  30. Hi It's just me

    Years ago, I had a GI doctor tell me to ignore those claims of cancer links and to keep taking the meds. Glad I ignored him instead.

  31. j mc

    OMG I’m Canadian and this effects me/us too! I take it DAILY!! Have done for a year or more. FGS what’s next?? Thank you for the warning! Will spread the word. You have loyal viewers across the border too. Edit: my Pharmacist just confirmed. Said recall was on brand by brand basis for all ranitidine and started in US then Europe now Canada (lucky us being last!) 🙏🇨🇦

  32. Coldern Ice

    Just fucking great ! Assholes are poisoning us !

  33. Yo Momma

    Wow, this is extremely evil and big pharma should pay for all cancer treatment in America. They sure can afford it. They have made billions off of the backs of consumers. Unreal.

  34. Elizabeth Wallace

    I've taken a different heartburn drug for years! Great! Cannabis edibles here i come!

  35. Rleej Jones

    Great been taking a very high dose of this prescribed by my doc for years!

  36. TheBluearmy33

    I took this product everyday, sometimes twice a day for acid reflux. Now I'm sick and am having many issues medically!! Those bastards!😰

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