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  1. Jason B

    shes a forced bollywood cast because its "Indian"

  2. The President of the United States Of America

    I'm sorry, I hate this.

  3. jonz yt

    This movie was so good

  4. isabella103002


  5. Estela Chilel


  6. Hafsa Abdulwadood

    I didn't like it☹️🙁😕…the original is my shit though!!

  7. Mark FoXx


  8. Sakib Hossain

    will Smith makes everything cool

  9. Michael Grey

    Who else saw it for free on YouTube. Lmao

  10. Josue Hernandez

    If the magic carpet dies they cant revive it again🥺

  11. Dallas Osgood

    What a great movie so well-designed they don't make many movies like this anymore that are so well made

  12. Jilda bravo

    I thought of Robin Williams when he said “ Gene you’re free “ oh the tears came rolling down ❤️😭

  13. WeRstillNotFree Damit

    WaLt was ROSICRUCIAN& FREEMASON HE TREATED HIS EMPLOYEES HORRIBLY & LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON SUSPECTED OV CHILD SEXUAL MISCONDUCTo MoLest in Latin Espanol asweL means TO BOTHR nothing ²do with sexuaLiTy.. hm howe speek n rite iz curiousLy piCcaSso n off very ABSTRACT..

  14. Amelia Stone

    Some cheesy parts. Although Smith is a good actor. The Aladdin and Jasmine were more Bollywood than middle eastern. And Smith in woman’s lipstick is just ridiculous. Anyone that opposes my comment, go in a corner and cry. Get over it.

  15. Yoel Serrano

    I watched this movie at school

  16. Anonymous


  17. Two Sisters and Toys Review

    Nos encanto la película. Buenisima

  18. Paige Rose's Corner

    Yay! My FAVORITE MoViE PuRcHuSeD!!!

  19. Bergr B

    Disney needs to remake Sinbad: Legend of the seven seas in live action this time around. This opening scene of Aladdin running away from guards reminds me of Sinbad a lot when he was chased on the streets of Baghdad during his early years.

  20. y2king32

    this movies great because they took the white wash off it , not letting people with British accents play people from Africa and middle east , brought the culture the dances was great for all peoples all races to enjoy, theres is more for us to enjoy and learn from one another traditions great foods rather then want to kill and destroy one another. Thank God for all the different variety he brought in the earth Jesus is love not hate, me and my family so enjoyed dances and culture in this movie I only wish ending last dance scene was a lot longer

  21. stormlighter82

    That was definitely the best movie I’ve seen this year, awesome soundtrack as well.

  22. Trina M

    Worth watching a million more times. Hope they come out with Aladdin 2

  23. josefina garcía

    Who ❤ Aladdin

  24. Krystal Li

    Wonderful movie ❤️

  25. Malaika Nasir

    Guys don’t waste your money to watch this just go to soap2day.com and then you can see this movie

  26. A P

    I love that movie

  27. Julio Pardo

    Como conseguir las películas subtituladas en español

  28. Santigo Gonzalez

    Will Smith did an excellent job as Genie, Robin Williams would be so proud.

  29. Laura Croft

    The princess is not BEAUTIFUL enough.

  30. Caleb Jones

    The ending choreography is so underrated

  31. Simon Martinez


  32. Lakendra Jones

    o y'all know I know and my MoMA hell naw I'm ready

  33. Joselyn Arias

    I am a super duper big aladdin fan!!! and I love all Aladdin movies and of course Iago is my most favorite
    character in Aladdin

  34. Christopher Olive

    One of the worst films I have ever seen the CGI is horrible the acting is bad It’s like they used stage actors in the roles, the whole film was a cringe fest

  35. Maria Triano - PA Dance Network

    Absolutely FABULOUS in every way! Congratulations to Will Smith,
    the exceptional cast and crew!
    It’s truly amazing what we can do!
    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!

  36. Va.Ameliaa

    Saw it 3 times in the theatre, definitely worth it

  37. Biship c

    I watch the original Disney Aladdin until my VHS tape broke. This one was not bad but I think they were really screwed up by changing words and lyrics to a 2020 generation. But maybe that’s how they get to the younger kids to like their movies.idk

  38. David Perez

    This Movie was Disappointing as fuck…..Lion King shits on this

  39. Nadia Herrarte

    Kambucha 🥂🍷💯🍸Who is it 🤓😘🤯🤧👧👨👩‍🏫👨‍🏫👸Resort👶👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💏 we could be a family…no homo

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