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  1. Saffiata Kamara

    Epsom salt has really helped me

  2. Law_Reca

    You're a rockstar!!!! love your videos. Always original AND quality content! ayeeeee

  3. GrowingNFaith

    The colon part is a HUGE issue for me!!! I’m ordering those pills neeeeoowww!!! Lol

  4. Oretha Ateboh

    Can a plain white salt work if there is no pink salt for the flush at home?

  5. Mz2cute87

    Watching weight loss videos while eating donuts 🍩

  6. Bri Cruz

    You’re so pretty! U kind of look like and sound like Nia Long lol.

  7. Tami J. Wallace

    This video was made for me! I’m older but the energy, feeling sluggish, heavy, cravings. I’m going to order your book now!

  8. Nerdy Nardos

    Thank you!

  9. Sharahsha Meredith

    Can you get it from Walmart ❤️

  10. D H

    Woman you are gorgeous😉

  11. Brandy Cephas

    My friend lost 40 lb doing JJ Smith 10 cleanse for 2 months. When I did it. I lost 7 pounds in the first 3 days

  12. arieschild

    You have the most gorgeous lips and eyebrows.

  13. whipschic

    Great tips and suggestions!!!👍👍🏽👍🏽!

  14. Dashynae Day

    So freaking true!!! My friend and I got. Colonic thursday

  15. Key Wii

    I love Mag 07

  16. Yulanda Tross

    You're awesome I love your energy, I just subbed to your channel. I am having constipation and fecal incontinence issues I will definitely use these methods. Thanks, Sis!

  17. Sherri C

    Great information. Thank you

  18. Grace Madueke

    This was really helpful, thank you!

  19. Brenda Robinson

    I have the same

  20. JMO - Just My Opinion - Classy

    You looking good girl 😉😉

  21. destiny dixon

    How long can you leave the lemon, cucumber and mint water in the refrigerator before it expires? Can I use lemon juice instead of lemons? Can I eat the cucumber that's been sitting in the water or just throw it away?

  22. latoya collins

    Mag o7 is the truth

  23. Alya

    Heyy you’re so pretty and I love you and your videos they help me a lot because I’m 175 right now and my goal weight is 145-147, can you please do a video on how to be more confident and love yourself?

  24. black coffee

    OMG finally a video with the person in the Tumblr actually being in the video I can't tell you how many videos I came across videos where people use fake pictures and when I click on the video it's a whole different person like I want to see actual results🤦

  25. Shara Trueheart

    omg you just described me

  26. AmaRican INDYHn Mama

    Negros be ABOriginal CopperColoRED AmaRican INDYHn and be formed from Eart and must eat from Eart to be WELL!!!

  27. Nery KJV3:16

    Cap off Bragg's mother apple cider with a pinch of baking soda in warm tea.,.it's another one

  28. Reina Africana

    I have a question, my starting weight was 215lbs. I managed to make it to 190lbs. So far I've been working out well over a few months with not much results. So I'm doing that new exercise that is showing results. My legs are no longer flabby but muscular. I still weigh 190 kind of top-heavy. can all of your fat just turn to muscle and you remain the same weight? I'm just amazed how my arms and legs look I even lost some fat in the face but still the same weight.

  29. Darieth Burke

    What about getting a colonic ? How do you feel about that type of cleanse?

  30. jnefitema yep

    Fasting also helps with detoxing

  31. Thee BratzDoll

    I’m going to do another round of JJ’s green smoothie cleanse in March, but a modified version. I saw some significant results before. I saw my back rolls disappearing right before my eyes 😍😍 want to get back to that body again! 👏🏾

  32. Poetry Kelly Maiden

    😘😍 Ordering your book ! 🌞💖 XOX Your as gorgeous in your soul as you are physically 😘😍 I'm suffering with being 30 pounds overweight and need to commit and let go of self hate and self doubt. I
    Had an Injury on on sacrum, fell on ice 🙁 hurts; and it interferes with my ability to exercise/burn Cals/ and triggers binge eating on comfort foods. Would love some support about how to lose weight when suffering with illneas/limited mobility and binge eating as a comfort. Love you so much, Queen! 😍💪🌹💐

  33. suzette jacobson

    hi can anyone tell me ds the mag 7 cause cramping or is it gentle? thnx✌️🙏

  34. Sandy Torrez

    Thank you for this video

  35. Popcorn Kettle

    Hello hon 🖤 Informative video as always! I was wondering if I am supposed to be fasting while cleansing?

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