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Among many doctors, a common practice today is to mark any "allergies" that they cannot successfully diagnose. The reason is that little is known about allergies, so the diagnosis leaves plenty of room for discussion and explanation. The diagnosis of “uncertainty” has always been favored by responsible doctors. Two hundred years ago, the condition for labeling was “bad humour”, and anyone with stomach pain, cancer or gallstones would be told that his humor was working. Next is the "acid" theory, in which the strange and mysterious acid is responsible for all undiagnosed conditions.

This is not to say that there is no allergy. There will definitely be a strange set of physical reactions called allergies. Specifically, there are two groups: those on the surface of the body that are allergic to the face to the feet or skin; and those who are inhabited in the chest, throat and nasal area, or allergic to the respiratory tract. These two groups include most allergic reactions.

Common symptoms such as hay fever, asthma, and sinusitis appear in the respiratory group. These conditions are centered on the respiratory system, but some [especially hay fever and sinus conditions] often spill over into other areas, such as the eyes, which can cause water, redness and blemishes under severe attack. There are good reasons to believe that these special allergies are associated with vitamin C deficiency. Low potency [natural] vitamin C pills have been shown to be beneficial for the treatment of this allergy, as is the B complex.

For example, skin allergies, urticaria and urticaria are to some extent related to the body's peracid condition. This should not be confused with the “mysterious acid” of a hundred years ago, which is the chief culprit of most diseases. The acid I said is produced in the body and is consumed day after day in the daily diet. A reasonable diet, balanced intake and natural form, will not support symptoms of acidosis. In order to defeat this condition in the presence of the body, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the system.

Herbal laxatives [1-2 times a day for three consecutive days]; mild enema [one time per day for one week] and return to a natural diet will provide thrombocytopenic hormone, a hyperacidic symptom. The proposal involves daily natural baths with a special emphasis on the affected areas. The pressure [flush] bath in the affected area and the mild [less active] friction after the bath are effective. Apply a few drops of olive oil to the area where the skin is particularly dry.

It is recommended that patients with skin allergies soften the water used for bathing with a cup of starch. For sensitive skin, sodium bicarbonate should not be used to soften water because it is a base that can cause dryness and damage in a timely manner.

Dry skin should not be taken too often or for long periods of time. Bathtubs should be a quick thing, and olive oil may help reduce the loss of skin oils. Indulge in the air bath as a substitute for the daily water bath you might miss.

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