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    can we drink it hot??

  2. m Hussain

    Can we heat it

  3. Caroline Grech

    Thanks for all your informative videos. By any chance do you have a recipe of a drink/ smoothie etc. for healthy kidney, bladder, kidney stones? As my father has some related health issues. Thanks 🙁

  4. Arunima Pradhan

    Followed this diet for a week. I have lost 2.7 kgs

  5. Mary Rozario

    Thank you 😊

  6. Hema M

    Dear.. Shall I add oziva protein powder with this homemade plain almond milk

  7. Neel P

    Can you show how to use leftover husk?

  8. Jeegnisa Dhariya

    Plz make summer diert plan plz

  9. Sara Ramachandran

    Hey Vicky.. I am getting married in 45 days and i am 65kg now.. I wish to lose 10 kg in a month.. What diet shoul i follow?? I started doing 30 mins cardio.. So please suggest me which diet should i follow???

  10. B

    Isko Lena kese hai

  11. Revathi Dhamotharan

    Hi vicky… i am watching your videos regularly.. i am happy for you… can you please post fruits diet and cucumber diet?

  12. Namamyaham Sadashivam

    Love ur voice as well as your recipies mam

  13. Sadnan Haque

    Plz give how to loss weight in Ramadan as well

  14. baeiman love

    Mam ek or question 😬😬😬😬 mam egg diet m boiled eggs khna bht mushkil h but m phr bhi khati hn agr m osa scrambled krun to kya m weight loss tb bhi kr paon gi plxxx rply

  15. Reema Mahin

    Mam plzzzzz reply karo kya termaric tea pe brown rice kha sakte kya plz reply me

  16. R.S.K

    Great recipe….Awesome script n visual

  17. Raidha Wazy

    Hi , i did ur water diet and lost 5 kg , but i have another problm ,saggy breast after breast feeding , i have stopped breastfeeding now but my breast are shagging and given me a very bad shape , can u do a vedio of tighting the breast plz , if u can do it will be very helpful for all the woman who hv just stopped breast feeding . Thank u .

  18. Neha Choudhary

    Hi….can you please make a video on Cellery juice….there are so many people on Insta and youtube having it… would appreciate your opinion about it …..Thank you!

  19. YaYa Bell

    Nice I love almond milk nice recipe homemade is always better.

  20. Julieann Mabolo

    How many glasses of almond milk we can drink in 1 day

  21. Thareni Selvakumar

    Hi Vicky , I have tried almost all your weight loss videos they are really helpful for after postpartum please suggest natural and long lasting hairdye.

  22. Tanzeela Hossain Rahman

    When are we supposed to have it? What time of the day, how much and for how long to lose about 10kgs?

  23. Olivia Morales

    Hi, I was wondering if you can do a video of a remedy of a herb called Rosemary for hair loss also good for hair growth.

  24. Noor Afsha

    Hi Vicky
    I am on egg diet can I replace oatmeal at dinner with the papaya smoothie ( loose 3inch in a week ) !??!?
    Please reply it would be a great help
    Best Regards

  25. Shiyamalee Navarathne Pathirathne

    how to drink this
    weight loss

  26. Moumita Acharya

    vicky i need talk with u … good news wait for u .. guess what i bcome 4xl to L… love u lots n thnkx to ur recipes… actually i dnt take any diet frm last 4 mnth bt i ddnt put on weight n i maintain my weight u r jst a magician .. i knw u dnt have dat time to reply ol bt plz its important to me … i wanna toned up my body … n m also a hypothyroidism.

  27. Maxima luna

    Could you please make a diet plan for teenagers thx

  28. By By

    Ramadan diet plannn…..

  29. Sumeet Kaur

    Mam calcium dairy milk jitna hi hoa hai almond milk me or vit d?

  30. Fatima N Patel

    Ms Vicky I made your almond milk. Definitely better taste than store bought. 😊

  31. Arpita khandelwal

    Aapki turmeric tea m ajwain n dalchini mila skte h kya or night m sone se pahele le skte h kya

  32. Bharati Sawant

    Can we skip Apple in egg diet??

  33. Zaira Shaikh

    Plz, make a diet for clear and glowing skin:-:))

  34. Syed Shahnaaz

    Can I use it bcz Iam pregnant mam plzz reply me

  35. kothai nachiyar

    Pls post some diet plan for night shift /mid shift working ppl…

  36. Adiba Shakil

    Plssss ramzan diet plan

  37. Health Manual

    I like almond milk very much, thank you for sharing this recipe with us.😍💗

  38. Renuka M v

    Thank u v much.. i didnt like the store bought milk.. will try this

  39. N Omar

    Thank u sooooooo much for ur lovely recipes , we all want Ramadan diet plan Plz 💐💐💋💋

  40. tohfa begam

    can I boil it?

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