Alternative Therapy: Anti-Aging Progressive Yoga

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Some well-known research institutes suggest that yoga may have far-reaching and positive effects on the progress of aging.

Aging is a natural process of getting older.

Yoga, an ancient technique that coordinates external and internal health, through breathing control, meditation, physical movement and gestures…the Western world and parts of Asia due to the health benefits reported by various respected institutions People know that ' research and get support from health advocates.

Based on the study of the effects of yoga and meditation-based lifestyle interventions [YMLI] on cellular senescence in 96 healthy individuals randomized to 12-week YMLI, the YMLI group expressed significant improvement at the end of 12 weeks. A major biomarker of cellular senescence and a metabolic nutrient biomarker that affects cellular senescence compared to baseline values.

The efficacy of this regimen in reducing cellular senescence is attributed to the reduced activity of ROS and pro-inflammatory cytokines and cortisol production, as well as the aging process and hormone beta-regulated in reduced stress and maintenance of homeostasis. The average value of telomerase activity in the morphinin is increased. .

Lead author Dr. Madhuri Tolahunase, after considering other co-founders, said: “Lifestyle is an integrated entity, and interventions like YMLI that have an overall positive impact on our health seem to be most useful and not just change one aspect from certain The role of drugs can be seen, yoga is a whole, is a psychosomatic medicine, more beneficial and beneficial than individual interventions such as physical exercise, calorie restriction and antioxidants.

Other researchers have presented the following results in the study of yoga respiratory protection skin anti-aging

Yoga breathing reduces the psychological aspects of stress and anxiety, which are thought to be related to the promotion of aging.

Yoga also expresses an effect on the controlled advanced glycation end products [AGE], which has recently been shown to play a role in tissue aging.

3. Comprehensive yoga classes, including breathing and meditation exercises, may have profound effects on enhancing gene expression, including oxidative stress, DNA damage, cell cycle control, aging and apoptosis.


In further analysis, lead author Dr. Beri K said: "[The contract for general beliefs] the interesting association between insulin regulation and glucose control can translate into improvement and possibly reverse the effects of AGE protein accumulation in tissues in vivo."

To support the above differentiation, Dr. Brown RP of Columbia University School of Surgery initiated a survey on yoga breathing for anti-aging progress, suggesting

1. Yoga breathing [pranayama] can play a significant and positive role in bringing the mind to the present and reducing stress.

2. Yoga breathing delays the aging process by reducing the expression of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and victims of large-scale disasters.

These practices have also alleviated many forms of suffering.

Finally, after considering other risk factors, the researchers concluded that yoga breathing affects longevity mechanisms.

In summary, the use of yoga alone or in combination with meditation can have a therapeutic effect on aging progression by regulating cellular and psychological expression.

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