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  1. Prasham Kothari

    How many glasses of warm / hot water can one drink in a Day? I put an electric kettle on my desk and drink about 4-8 glasses of warm / hot water every day. Is it beneficial or does it harm anything ?

  2. wahaz uddin

    1 no

  3. Yousuf bhisti

    Excellent information thanks a ton for that…..👍

  4. Kirsty Figuereo

    can I just drink hot water from the sink

  5. Kwame Denkyira

    very useful information

  6. EndPur

    Great information! Thank you!

  7. Saksham tiwari

    Really cleared all my doubts….. THANK U SO MUCH

  8. Naru Narad

    An all NATURAL Solution for most problems of Life http://tinyurl.com/z42dzyl

  9. shreya sharma

    I wnna ask that their is any age for drink hot water ya anyone can consume it?

  10. Ronald Anyuru

    good information but change that bloody song lol.

  11. Shajna Begum

    Thank u so so much

  12. Sujata K

    font is very small… unable to read properly

  13. TheMilagros01

    truly enjoyed the information,

  14. Mwende Kimatia

    Nice message

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