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  1. Ginro Nebula

    Allways remember: you are strong, you are beautifull and you are a winner. Whoever you are, I know you can do this! Why do I know this? Because you are here and want to change (like me)!

    And you know what? People will respect you when they see that you lost weight! Because you have done sth that is so hard to achieve that they can not do it! And they will gaze at you like you are a god(dess)!

    I am allways telling me that my body right now is not my final form! If Frieza from DBZ could achieve his final form so can I!

    I believe in you guys!
    Let's achieve our final forms!!

    Edit: Thx for this video! It gives me courage!

  2. Galaxy MEow


  3. LilacRose

    Im so happy for all of them! They worked hard, and they deserve every single compliment, every single cheat day, and every bit of support! Thank you for uploading so frequently! I'm working very hard to get 10-20 lbs down by September, for school! I'm currently 170lbs and I'm doing a "no sugar, no junk food" kinda deal for two weeks, and if it really works, I'll definitely stick with it! <3 Thank you!

  4. Emily Delamar

    Every time I struggle with my diet, I watch these videos and feel empowered. It is great that they are uploaded so frequently because I still need a lot of reminders to keep on track

  5. Random Uploader

    They look so happy in the right 🙂

  6. Emma R

    im here just to say no matter how much ur family insults u like they insult me 😣 U WILL ALWAYS GET THERE 💪💪 always believe in urself

  7. Dylan Nicholson

    It’s so great to see everyone hard work I’ve lost 40 pounds but now I want to build it back in muscle haha!

  8. twin city


  9. Tatah Jennifer

    Wow I needed this today. Woke up this morning and couldn't complete my run because I was unmotivated

  10. vikas Chaudhary

    I love your every Video.. it gives me motivation

  11. capitan tongosa


  12. Zahra Qauomi

    I am going to become one of those success stories cuz I got this. Let’s go baby 💪💪💪

  13. Tiffany Taylor

    I watch these all the time! They inspire me to push harder. I've lost 50 lbs so far with 50 to go! Thanks for the videos!!

  14. kiara sabur

    I still cant kick my sugar cravings either im addcited or just keep forgeting to stop 😣😭😭

  15. Rima Nour

    Here in north Africa , exactelly in Algeria it's 00:51AM 🤯😴, despite that i love the video 👍💖..well done. They look younger and beautifull 😍

  16. Jhope and his sprite

    great transformation 😍 this give me hope

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