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  1. Tracey Higgins

    Yr awesome Shelley xxx

  2. Heidi W

    Good morning, I noticed you are wearing the new wet n wild Dewey foundation in this video! Looks so pretty! I’m waiting super patiently for your review and checking daily!!! Love your videos!!!😊

  3. Margaret Wiltrout

    I absolutely love watching your videos! I am 45 well almost 46 lol and I have very dy skin with fine lines. So I really enjoy learning your foundations and skin care! What would you say is your absolute favofavorite affordable foundation at Sephora? I just bought my youngest son who just turned 20 one of this battery chargers he ,loves it I now am getting myself one.

  4. Nene G.

    those jars from No BS Beauty, such a great idea … could you do a review on the new Bite Beauty foundation? thnx! love your videos… hugzzz 💜

  5. Maria Rodriguez

    My son has had chargers , hammer to break glass, a a razor knife to cut the seat belt if needed since he could drive . I know its over the top but i worked in the ER for many years and i wasn't even a nurse just in admissions. At the very least we should all have a charger for yourself and maybe to help someone else or a family member . Great suggestion,

  6. Maria Rodriguez

    Shelly N o BS Beauty is such a great person She is so genuine.

  7. Jacqueline Hagedorn

    Wow thanks for great tips; I added some to my Amazon cart , via your link for next payday 👍

  8. Riggins Riggins

    This was great.

  9. Kris Weideman

    Tinkle razors are the best…

  10. Kris Weideman

    Your hair is looking great, nice and shiny

  11. Ginger Badjie

    Wow, looking Fresh girl 💃😻🥰

  12. lovemyrainydays

    Some good stuff there – I especially love the refillable airless-pump-&-no-grubby-paws tub for moisturiser… for some reason nearly all night creams come in tubs (I hate that). Day creams come in squeezey tubes and pump bottles why don't night ones? Anyhoo. The other thing I love is the guitar pick idea, brilliant!!

  13. Merrilee Kaminski

    Looking extra hot today girl!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your fav's with us.

  14. Julia G.

    I definitely used more cuticle oil when I had those pens which was awesome. The bad part for me was I'm super lazy and couldn't be bothered to refill them. :/ I just couldn't deal with all those little parts and prying the brush tip apart with a butter knife every time. I eventually threw them all in the recycle bin. lol

  15. Ginger Tunstall

    I love the airless pump jars but there are better ones on Amazon that cost less than the No BS Beauty ones. I guess you are paying for the name printed on them and the box they come in. Dont fall for the marketing. Cheers!

  16. Holly Justice

    I'm the same about The Container Store! I'm so thankful it's over an hour from me.

  17. mary warner

    Has anyone found that Mia holder on Amazon? I need a link!

  18. Yve Yve

    Wonderful video. "No grubby paws!" Totally agree, I use tiny spatulas. Oops, wash? I wipe off!! Hahahaha

  19. mary warner

    Juno sponges are cheaper directly from Juno! Want Clarisonic holder, but a little pricey.

  20. peanut butter

    The are my favorite video's. I'm an Amazonoloic

  21. Sarah Munoz

    This is good. I make list and then loose them. I know I had things you've mentioned on one of those transient post-its.

  22. lynette longmire

    Nice review I enjoyed it,I need one of those containers for my creams.I think you will love the wipes from the cleanskin club.If you decide to get them you can use my code on your first order.It is under 3232 when you check out.I would love for you to review them. Have a blessed day.xoxolynette3232

  23. Kelly M

    Do you think that holder for your Clairisonic Mia would fit the regular Clairisonic? I think it's called the prima??

  24. Krystal Hartley

    I use those makeup remover cloths at my makeup table to spot clean my brushes—just spray a little brush cleaner, and it works beautifully.

  25. Shari D

    Loved this. Very helpful. I never saw the nail cuticle oil pens before and they are in my Amazon cart. Thank you!

  26. Kate OConnor

    Great Amazon finds! I'm heading over to your shop. And I have to say, you rock a red lip!!

  27. K M

    Your hair looks great!!!

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