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  1. Fawn Milk

    A FUCKING CALORIE DEFICIT IS HOW U LOOSE WEIGHT OMFG IM GOING TO KILL MYSELF FROM HOW STUPID THIS BITCH ISSSS!!!! She acts like she knows way more than a goddamn professional that’s been to school for literal YEARS and it’s so aggravating. Ok amber keep doing what your doing. It’s obviously been working for u cuz your like 600 pounds plus. She’s delusional and stupid. This video that she made looks like a mass manipulator addict who’s trying to manipulate ppl into having them leave her tf alone so she can eat herself to death. At this point u know what? Go off amber. Go ahead.

  2. Akmp 777

    Have you ever thought about going on a weight loss journey and documenting it for your subscribers?

  3. Pepper Derr

    She said her doctor did not want her to have the surgery even after she told him she had the money to. That is a lie because in her last video she said the doctor told her she should have the surgery. She lied so much.

  4. Starry

    A few things. She doesn’t eat breakfast because she is never awake for breakfast. Also, as someone who isn’t a breakfast person, when I forced myself to adopt the breakfast lifestyle I ended up gaining weight. So I stopped. Never force your body to eat when it’s not hungry (if you know your hunger cues).

    Other things… she’s a bitch. A big (in all senses) bitch. No respect towards individuals in the health industry. I despise this woman for her gross behavior. But at the same time my freaking empathy DOESNT WANT HER TO DIE. I also feel bad for Becky but there’s only so much anyone can do. Alr is all over the place with her lies. I think she likes being large. She just needs to go be an overeating channel. I refuse to say Mukbang because Americans ruined that word from SK.

    Also I still do NOT believe she’s diagnosed. The way she speaks about I is so flippant and insensitive. I also thought she wasn’t diagnosed with an ED so now she is?

  5. Shelleigh S

    Nothing is going to be "right" for her till she gets out of denial about her health. This video is ridiculous. Also…riding a bike? She said she can't ride a bike because she's too big. Smh. Girl.

  6. Kloe lagato

    you obviously didn’t get to this weight by eating hella fruits and vegetables the doctor was obviously appealing to what would make you feel closest to your normal diet in order to help you maintain the diet and actually lose weight.

  7. Mike Hunt

    Someone should at least give me some credit.
    “Nobody is giving u shit motherfucker” lmfao u are hilarious. Keep being real girl and I’ll keep watching!!

  8. Jami Cannatella-Mgn

    She lied from start to finish. The entire diet lasted 12 hours before she gave up. The Doctor told her she needs weight-loss surgery, Amber said she didn’t want weight-loss surgery. Here she claims the doctor didn’t want to give her weight-loss surgery. Here she says the doctor told her not to eat vegetables, yet she said the doctor told her to eat meat and vegetables. Amberlynn has the audacity to sit there and blatantly lie, taking zero accountability for her own failure s but rather blaming it on the Doctor, her mental illness, her eating disorder which is her overeating, but blaming everything but herself with such a straight face thinking her viewers are a bunch of morons. Absolutely a slap in the face to all those who believed in her. She needs help, and she needs to get the hell off of YouTube!

  9. Cindy Forester

    She will never lose weight, because then she won’t make the 💰💰💰, and Necky and Kermit don’t want the cash cow that is ScamberLynn to lose weight, that would mean ZERO VIEWS = less 💰💰💰. Everyone needs to unsubscribe,stop hitting the likes/dislikes. Stop paying attention to this waste of life. #Trolling #WeightGainer

  10. CleverGirl 320

    I feel like if I kept falling off my bike for two years and gained over 200 pounds, I might take up roller blading.

  11. IndianaGal OnAnIndianaNight

    I would lay money that her doctor told her weight loss surgery would not be an option for her because you HAVE to pass a psychological evaluation to even be a candidate for surgical weight loss. I’m pretty sure this chic would never pass that and her doctor knew that with 1 visit with her crazy ass.

  12. Adrenaline Junkie

    Being forced to watch Amberlynn Reid videos and writing a 1,000 word essay on each upload should be used as a new punishment in schools when students are in detention.

  13. Taylor Hanson

    her attitude of "give me credit" "be grateful for me" is DISGUSTING. Her entitled attitude is fucked up and she uses the guise of "ppl h8 me cuz I'm fat" which is the worst part of it all. She is a toxic person.

  14. Pepper CmG

    She looks at bikes, she reads about bikes and she BUYS bikes, she may ever touch the bike (gingerly) but she has never gotten on the bike even, definitely never peddled or tried to steer the bike.

  15. Benice-Behappy

    I so wish her doctor would see this video and leave a comment about the truth about what was actually said.

    She is utterly repulsive. Patronizing, arrogant and so full of shit she has zero intention of losing weight. I hope she gets turned away from every other weight loss specialist so she cant try and trash anyone else the way she has this doctor.

  16. amanda

    you can tell she's lying. her eyes are rolling all over the place and she keeps blinking and looking down

  17. daisy dippy

    Sounds like this doctor wanted her to go on a high protein low carb diet for 2 weeks like the Atkins diet to try and kick start off her weight loss and then gradually start adding back the fruit and vegetables

  18. The Scaredy-Cat

    If she had a problem with the sodium she should have called her doctor and told him she switched to a healthier snack option….it's that easy

  19. TheFancyChristine

    “It’s so obvious what works for me”. No, ma’am it isn’t. She hasn’t found anything that “works for her”. She doesn’t stick to anything long enough for it to work.

  20. angie

    her giving a shit about sodium but not about the impending heart failure and clogged artieries lmaooo. she does not have an ed she has a disordered relationship with food but its not the same thing.

  21. angie

    she is not trolling the doc shes fucking with us she probably didnt even see this doctor. she needs content to make money. the onl;y thing she can produce is weight loss content so even if its fabricated she'll upload it. i know alot of us get that but i wouldnt get offended by her or anything. ultimately; she is a big fat loser.

  22. Kathryn Love

    I am following the weight loss doctors diet for a week. Follow along on twitter @mushunme it’s going to be fun might even post a video

  23. Natasha chilled

    I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking she's put more weight on

  24. Whoopty-tah

    Nothing makes sense in this chicks head, full of crap. Her gut instincts clearly have NEVER helped her lol EXCUSE TRAIN, ALL ABOARD! LOL she's killing herself and she doesn't care. Sad!

  25. taylor views

    Girl. I'm bipolar 2 and when I'm manic my 250lb ass runs for two hours straight and stays at the gym upwards of 4 hours idk why this woman lies.

  26. T R O Y

    When she was all PUMPED about seeing this Dr, she said he was an AMAZING DR, WHO HAS HELPED THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! And now he's a shitty Dr, you can't trust.
    This girl is a freaking MESS! SHE WILL BE OBESE FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE! (however long that is lol)

  27. SheWoreLemon83

    She is so full of BS it’s not even funny anymore. No doctor is telling her to go to McDonald’s and then not eat vegetables because “carbs.” She’s crazy giddy because she’s given herself a way out of having to do something difficult and that she’s capable of doing this herself even though she’s gotten herself to almost on 600lbs. She’ll be telling us about her next binge in about a day or so.

  28. Jilly B

    Why is she asking us if its okay?!?! She should be raising these concerns with her doctor. But I guess it would be crazy to actually ask the professional 😔

  29. Kerry H

    The Dr. knew when she walked in that she wasn't serious about weight loss. He tried but kinda knew she wasn't willing to put in the work to lose any weight. She needs to go back to muckbangs and make enough money for her early funeral.

  30. Dawn Patrick

    Oh my god!!!!!
    I can’t even.
    Why is she making this soo difficult??

  31. Niemanor

    what I don't get: she wants credit for trying, but she doesn't even try…

  32. Michaela Cornelius

    What Amber’s learning to ride a bike metaphor would actually look like: Her doing a shop with me for a bike. A bike accessory haul. Becky installing a basket and her loading it with crap she doesn’t need. Her pulling it outside and saying “You know, I think rollerblading would be healthier.”

  33. Sarah Rambo

    oh FFS! All this jibber jabber for hey guys I quit again bc I only want to lose weight if I dont have to do shit to do it.

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