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  1. Chris Conley

    Ppl like that are addicts with problems…its a recurring theme with them…gonna get clean this time ..yeah right. Should just drop her…cut the subscription and pay attention to something else…something positive not a perpetual failure.

  2. WindXadepts

    If she thinks that she can eat junk all the time to lose weight, than clearly she doesn't understand why she's "dieting". You don't diet to just lose weight, it's so you can get back to a normal healthy lifestyle. Eating like normal isn't meant to be for losing fat, it's what you should be eating to begin with. If she's so desperate for junk than at-least save some days for cheating, don't go eating crap everyday just cause you're under the points.

  3. Laila Mansoor

    The drastic change between 2014 and 2015 was scary.

  4. Gem Gem

    I think she looks bigger now in all honesty. I think she needs to be hospitalised right now. She needs serious help with her mental health and food addiction. Everyone is acting like she is doing this on purpose, in all seriousness people don't get this size, or even half her size unless they are in severe mental distress.

    Just watched her from before, and she was 300lbs odd, made me feel so sad seeing her compared to now.

  5. Cayla Baffi

    She has nice handwriting

  6. cocaine is a hell of a drug

    when u show old videos of her, i pretend that it’s her now and i feel genuine happiness for like .03 seconds. & i feel like that’s why most of us get so fucking frustrated when she constantly makes excuses for herself when she could EASILY lose 200 pounds at least,, and then has the AUDACITY to call us haters and patronizes us when we hold her accountable,, we WANT HER TO GET BETTER AND SHE WANTS TO GET PETTY AND ACT LIKE SHE KNOWS BETTER THAN EVERYONE WHEN WE CALL HER OUT

  7. Dee Flower

    I really believe she is in denial and views herself smaller

  8. Courtney Marie

    You hit it out of the park again with another fact checking fabulous video!! 👏🏻 I really like following AL this way! Keep the vids coming 🎥📺♥️

  9. Azul Panther

    Is it just me or are her eyebrows disappearing as she has gained weight?

  10. Pod90

    Something I don’t think she realises or a lot of people don’t realise for that matter is that fast food packaged food processed food calorie count isn’t always accurate sometimes by huge margin there is some videos about it on YouTube (One I seen the guy tests a sandwich that was supposed to be healthy and vegan turned out to be over 500 calories more than stated on the packet So after counting everything up he over ate by as much as a Big Mac Well thinking he was hitting his calories) Natural unprocessed as much as possible is the way to go

  11. Night Player

    daily workout/food tip:
    dont do abs if you still have weight to lose, abs workout isnt targeting your '' belly fat ''. this is something alot of people dont know or just dont really realise, the only way you can lose fat and or belly fat is by burning calories so doing cardio. especially hit interval cardio is the best, you will see progress within 2 weeks ! (this is targetted towards people who are overweight but not obese)

  12. 1inabazillion

    oh yes i still believe in the easter bunny, santa claus, the tooth fairy and that amberlynn weighs less than 600 pounds.

  13. sue lawson

    If she is complaining she is allowed to eat junk on WW, why does she CHOOSE to!!

  14. BumbleBree

    Just to clarify, she added that weigh in again at the end so she could be over the 10 min mark 😂 can’t miss out on that YT coin.

  15. Lynet Colvin

    This chick is STILLLLLL riding that 560+ wave! 🙄 FFS! Jump ship already, and let it go!

  16. Patricia 22929 Roman

    Not only does she needs to lose weight but her YouTube channel as well. YouTube is a hindrance to her weight loss

  17. LKitsyK

    Also- calories don’t matter if it isn’t junk, processed, fast food etc. you can be within your calorie intake and gain weight if you’re eating ice cream, McDonald’s, candy…IT ISNT HARD!!!

  18. LKitsyK

    1- she gave up doing the 100 days of weighing in challenge
    2- she doesn’t actually want to change because change is harder than continuing what she’s already doing
    3- losing weight isn’t rocket science. Unless you have an added health issue, you don’t need to pay someone to tell you what to eat nor would you need to pay for a gym membership.

  19. Elliee Howard

    I’m fed up with hearing her ‘loosing weight’ she won’t. She’ll stick to the diet for 2 weeks then give in I just wish she would either stick to it because it is going to take her years to get that weight off if she ain’t gonna diet stop fucking going on and crying about it it’s your own fucking fault. Rant over

  20. Pamela Becking

    When she gave up on the weight loss specialist after one appointment, that was it for me. I'm done. Let her eat herself to death since that's apparently what she wants to do.

  21. Lee Schn

    Did anyone notice her eyes dart to the side when she said she'd started up a group with errrrrr people she knows and people she doesn't know, totally a lie, she's so transparent.

  22. iva rozan

    A challenge would have been 100 days of home cooked meals

  23. Mike W

    You are witnessing somebody with an addiction. It's maddening. And makes no sense. She's really deep in the hole. I hope she finds her way out one day, but she is completely rotten with food addiction. Very sad.

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